Another New Kid On the Block

NY Stylists Vintage ClosetIn our original post on costume rental houses that have popped up to fill the void left by the loss of Odds, we omitted one of the newest, NY Stylists Vintage Closet. The collection was created by San Francisco transplant Mary Beth Allessandri and fellow Fashion Stylists Kate Dwyer and Dominique Maciejka. “Coming from California, where vintage is the norm,and having collected for years,” Mary Beth says, ” I teamed up with Kate and Dominique who share the passion for vintage.”

These fashionistas brought together their collections and have added to them presenting a closet of styles from the 1940’s to the ’90’s containing everything from Adolfo to Valentino. In a recent e-mail, Mary Beth proudly announced the acquisition of, “several amazing Pucci vintage dresses.”

Located in NY’s stylish Meatpacking District their designs are available for rental for three days, a week or longer to accommodate feature film designers. They, also, stock a full line of accessories. Currently, viewings are by appointment.

We welcome these ladies as a valuable resource.


Cheryl & Tommy (with roger kimpton)