Michael “Dixie” Dennison-Costume Designer 1952-2010

Michael "Dixie" Dennison

It is with profound sadness that we note the sudden passing of our friend and colleague, Michael “Dixie” Dennison. Dixie was at the height of his long career having received the Costume Designers’ Guild Award for the 2009 television film Georgia O’Keefe and the recent release of Eat, Pray, Love which he designed.
His untimely death gives us pause to reflect on the fragility and transience of life. Dixie’s  life touched so many and he lives on as part of the fabric of the lives of those who worked with him and were blessed with his friendship.

Thank you Dixie for the rich gifts you have shared with all those around you.

Cheryl, Tommy and the MWS family

  1. I was very fortunate to have grown up with Michael. Our dads were brothers so when the cousins got together, we were happy indeed. I will ALWAYS remember his beautiful, bright, shining, smiling eyes! You'd be hard pressed to find a happier person. He was talented “way back when” so after he went to New York and started his 31+ year career, it was no surprise that he would continue to be a Rising Star. I will never forget sitting in a movie theater watching the credits and seeing Michael Dennison on the big screen. Was I ever proud! I watched his steady ascent and couldn't have been prouder of his accomplishments. I've kept every ticket stub of every movie in which he played a part. I will always keep the People Magazines where Julia Roberts mentioned the kind deeds of “her friend”. While he was taken from his family and friends all too soon, it is somehow comforting to know that he left us in the midst of doing what he loved best. I could not have wished for a better life for him than the one he led. Our hearts are full of sadness and tears but I am sure that Uncle John and Aunt Dot are thrilled to be with him once again. HIs departure has left a huge hole in our hearts! While we didn't see each other at the end of his short life, he KNEW he was loved. His untimely passing is one more lesson that he passed on to us – – – never take a day for granted and tell those that mean the most to you that you love them every day. You never know when it might be your last time to say it! I loved you with all my heart, Michael and was so very proud of you!!! I will miss you terribly. Rest in Peace.
    Your Cousin,
    Lynn Dennison Huff
    Houston, TX

    • Lynn, thanks for your comforting words. I especially agree with your words about his shining blue eyes and that he loved working! He stands out in memory as being one of the few authentically friendly people I met when I first got to LA. I can't believe I'm not going to see his shining face again. He was generous and kind and today I cry for our loss.

  2. I’ll always remember Dixie for his authentic friendliness and generosity. His loss leaves a hole in my heart. Lynn, thanks for your great post and thanks, MWS for posting this sad news with his beautiful picture.

  3. OMG I am in complete shock to read of MIchael's passing on this page!!! He was a gentle, charming and talented man. We all at Helen Uffner Vintage Clothing remember him fondly, having last had the privilege of working with him on Georgia O'Keefe, when he spent days at our place pulling and doing fittings with Joan Allen.

    I believe we have pictures of that time with him on our blog and it will be bittersweet to revisit them. He was a wonderful, lovely person. He will be missed.

  4. I knew Michael back in Hollywood in the 80’s, this is a shock. I know he will be missed terribly. God rest his soul and comfort all those close to him.

  5. many years ago i meet michel in zagreb, my hometown, during his work on sophies choice…..and i spent some very nice days with him in munich, paris and london during a years…..so a few times i tryed to find him……..and this evening suddenly i was on facebook and i find michael dead…..i loved him and i am sad and i am proud because of CORE…..i have one of three “hexagon” rings which michael give me a years ago…..so dear michael, thank you for opening world to me, thank you for discovering the pointer sisters for me; you know it was happened in munich;  r.i.p. and goodbye. zoki

  6. I knew Michael soon after he moved to Texas from Louisiana. He sat behind me in Algebra I in high school and it was there that we became friends. We spent many times together listening to music, taking drives in cars. and talking about the mysterious way in which our lives seemed to be unfolding. After high school Michael moved to Houston, and evenually to NYC. Then back and forth to LA. We spent time together on and off through many years, relationships, and ups and downs in life. We lost touch at one point. When I contacted him in LA I discovered that he had been living in Taos, a place that I went to frequently. We began our friendship again and enjoyed contact with one another almost as different people meeting again for the first time. There are so many ways to love a person and so many different aspects about someone to love. From the first time that Michael and I met through the last contact that we had he was the only person that I have known from such an early point in my life who extended his unconditional love in only the way that he could. I learned of his death indirectly and only some time after his passing. From time to time I feel such a profound emptiness in the place that he filled. Sometimes I think of something that I want to communicate to him only to remember that he is gone. I wonder about the effects of the passing of time and what to do with my imaginings of sitting with him many years from now as two old men reflecting on a lifelong friendship and the wisdom that we gleened from life. I am somewhat consoled by the nice comments that others have made. but not much. I think that the love that one feels for another never dies. I think that it flows through the universe eternally. I love you Michael. May my love touch your spirit forever.

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