Looking Inside a Wardrobe Kit

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask us either in the store or on the phone what they should buy for their wardrobe kit. We usually speak extemporaneously and list a few of tried and true supplies that we always have. That is why when we saw this article in Resource Magazine about  the contents of Renate Lindlar’s wardrobe styling kit we felt the need to reprint it on our blog to share with our audience. Renate is not only our upstairs neighbor here at MWS but also the owner of rrrentals and an accomplished Fashion Stylist. Although she works in the print and commercial industry the contents of her kit are equally applicable to costumers.

Reprinted with permission from Resource Magazine(http://www.resourcemagonline.com)

Story: Justin Muschung
Photo: Hiroki Kobayashi

“To aid them in their {wardrobe stylists} tasks, people  use a vast array of kits that are lugged from shoot to shoot. Many years of experience and knowledge have gone into accumulating the contents of these kits, which now lay fully bare and thoroughly poked, prodded, and analyzed for your edification. Much as the samurai has his sword and the writer his pen, these professionals also wield the tools of their trade. So read closely, take notes, and share with your friends, because you’re about to get a lesson in what makes a master a master.”

WARDROBE STYLIST: Renate Lindlar www.renatelindlar.com


Lint roller, lint brush – To clear away all those tiny pieces of everything that inevitably find their way onto every single inch of fabric.
Safety pins – Buy them by the bushel.
Binder, paper clips – Use them instead of safety pins to tighten a too large garment if you want to be able to return it.
Tape, tape, and more tape…and lost of double stick tape too – Put tape on the bottoms of shoes to prevent them from getting dirty (and thus preventing you from returning them). Use the double stick version to prevent belts from flapping loose, or to keep the ladies from falling out of their dresses.
Fun Tak – Another use for that stuff you hang posters with: making a model’s finger bigger so a too-large ring won’t fall off and land in the
nearest drain.
Jewelry shine cloth – Don’t worry: it also works on cubic zirconia.

Shout wipes, baby wipes… – Anything that can possibly stain the model’s clothes will. Keep these on hand and patrol with vigilance.
Antibacterial wipes – Courtesy wipes for the ladies before they plug in a pair of earrings.
Collar extensions – They increase collar size and are easily hidden by a tie knot.
Scissors- Always versatile and handy, but be careful with them around people.
Static Guard – Clingy clothes are about as welcome as clingy people. This will help at least with the clothes.
Pre-threaded sewing kit – You can buy one for about a dollar, instead of having your poor assistant make one form scratch.
Shoehorn, shoe mitten, shoeshine, shoelaces, insoles – Shoeshine boy not included.
Tape measure – For those rare cases when you actually want the clothes to fit the model.
Wire ties (the kind you close garbage bags with) – Good for making necklaces shorter.
Cable ties – These will ensure that suitcases and bags stay shut.
Pincushion (with pins), thimble – When shooting just the clothes and no model, pin them ferociously into place.
Clear bra straps – An elegant dress isn’t so elegant when the bra straps are showing.
Bra extender – Give the model more breathing room.
Underwear– They will keep everything covered.
Nipple patches – To preserve modesty and good taste.
Makeup cover hood – Put this over the model’s head between wardrobe changes to prevent makeup from smearing all over the clothes.
Spritz water bottle – To help with ironing.
Rubber bands – Instead of paper clips, use these to make belts tighter in the back.
Mini-eyeglass repair kit – This is the one instance when you don’t want to use tape.
Tie button – To hold ties in place.
One big trash bag – Because it’s easier to carry around than a lot of small ones.
Latex gloves – They make cleaning up messes less icky.
Airsickness bags – If anything gets wet, put it in here. Don’t use plastic bags: they always leak.
Ziploc bag – There’s always good catering.
Razor and shaving cream – Technically the hair and makeup crew should have this but they usually don’t.
Brush ups, toothpicks, dental floss – Especially dental floss. Someone always asks for it.
Tampons, sanitary napkins, and panty liners – For the, uh…
Sunscreen, Buzz Away – Outdoor shoots are rough enough already. This will make them slightly less hellish.
Basic first aid kit – It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Single-use eye drops – They’re much more hygienic than having everyone share one huge bottle.
Plug converter – This will fit your three-pronged monstrosities into two prong holes.
Box knife, pliers, multi screwdriver – MacGyver only used a Swiss army knife, but let’s face it, you are no MacGyver.
Corkscrew – How else will you open that bottle of wine after a long day’s work?
Birthday candles, matches – It’s always someone’s birthday.
Small Krazy Glue bottle – Does this need introduction?
WD-40 – Handy for props, or if the photographer is having trouble with the tripod.
Hand held electric fan – For the grueling summer heat.
Heat pads – For the grueling winter cold.

What’s in your Wardrobe Kit? Please join the conversation and share your favorite products that you can’t live without

  1. moleskin – with the shoe kit – for noisy heels, to protect sensitive feet, on mics to keep extra noise down.

  2. Vodka in a spray bottle – to deodorize without leaving the water marks that commercial deodorizers can leave on some fabrics. ( Make sure you get the cheap stuff or it may mysteriously disappear.)

  3. flashlight, several pairs of scissors, pencil, pen,sharpie markers, notepad, manilla tags, safety pins, mini wrinkel release spray.

  4. Makeup/Coverup; Hairpins; Stain Remover such as Clear Choice; HairNet or Cap (for wigs); Small one-use package of Tide; Staplegun;

  5. cheap flannel-backed tablecloth for models/actors to stand on/change on, to set kit on, to sit on. wipes up easily, will keep you warm/rain off in a pinch.

  6. There are so many different and lovely items for wardrobes. I think all these things are so important for our routine life. Thanks for sharing wardrobes list with us. 

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