Dress Shields: Secrets of the Stage

Stage fright is not the only thing that can scare you off stage. Both actors and actresses struggle with a common problem: underarm sweat. Stage lights, adrenalin, and even specific, active roles can lead to visible moisture under the arms.  Dress shields are a fantastic way to both spare the embarrassment of the actor as well as your wardrobe.

What is a Dress Shield?

Kleinert's Disposable Dress ShieldsDress and garment shields are protective underarm liners used for preventing armpit stains. Many antiperspirants cause a chemical discoloration on clothing, which is not only a telltale sign of sweat, but an (expensive!) pain to clean. A dress shield eliminates this issue discreetly. Anyone can use this protective garment innovation, though many celebrities, performers and others who live in the spotlight have already jumped on the garment shield trend.

These lightweight, soft and flexible pads are not the bulky and ineffective wads of cotton our parents and grandparents used. They are thinner, more absorbent and more comfortable. Today’s underarm shields are also specifically designed to protect a variety of fabrics from thick cotton to delicate silk. This may be why more and more actors and famous personalities are using them.

Celebrities and other performers use dress shields in a number of ways. Stage performers often apply them to costumes as bright theater lights on top of choreography can lead to some very damp underarms. Actors who have physically rigorous roles also need underarm shields to eliminate odor and reduce sweat, as well as keeping their costume fresh and clean. Even high-fashion models use these liners to protect their underarms as well as the clothing they’re wearing.

Sweat-Proof Styles

Garment sBraza Disposable Dress Shield by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplyhields accommodate both women and men and are available in a variety of styles to fit short sleeves, long sleeves and one-time-use applications, commonly known as the disposable shield. These single-use liners can be applied to the inside fabric of a dress or shirt. The nonstick side is a soft and absorbent material that soaks up sweat. Disposable shields stick to virtually anything, including rayon sweaters and satin tops.

Another popular option is the sew-in dress shield. This is a more permanent solution for protecting those precious pieces that you cannot seem to wear enough. These liners typically Kleinert's Sew in Dress Shieldsare made from layers of cotton with a vinyl barrier inside to provide extra protection against perspiration. A new innovation in the industry Fabrapel, which is a patented fabric repellant, water-repellant and Anti-bacterial (odor repellant). Sew-ins are great– you can attach it and forget about it– and the shield will stay secure.

Kleinert's 560 Pin In Dress Shields at Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyReusable pin-in garment shields are available if you prefer to wash the shields frequently. You can pin these shields inside a garment instead of sewing them. If you want one or two sets of liners that you can reuse with all your outfits, this is the best choice.

No matter what type of shields you choose, you will be able to raise your arms without raising eyebrows. Use these celebrity secrets to make sure that you feel as confident as they do– whether it’s on the red carpet, or just at the office.