Emergency Wardrobe Kits: A Lifesaver!

Wardrobe Emergency Kit at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Everyone– whether you’re a wardrobe supervisor or simply someone who wears clothes (that includes all of us, really)–should have a kit with all the necessities to maintain their clothing in an emergency, whether that emergency is a fallen hem or red sauce on your shirt. Here are our top choices for your wardrobe kit.

Stock Your Wardrobe Kit

1. Safety pins: These are great for the aforementioned fallen hems, but also to keep blouses from gaping, temporarily replace a button, secure a broken zipper,  temporarily fix broken jewelry, and a million other uses.  Keep a container of these in a variety of sizes, from tiny to large.

2. Shout wipes or Stain Sticks: You never know when you’ll get a spot on your clothes; it’s always at the most inopportune moments.  Instead of simply avoiding wearing light colors or matching your food to your clothes, keep a stain remover handy.  They are invaluable, particularly when you want to maintain a professional appearance, or simply don’t want a stain to set before you wash your garments.

3. Sharpie markers: How many times have you scuffed a black shoe and didn’t have time to get a shoeshine or take it to your cobbler?  These are great for filling in scuffs on your heels, labeling– all sorts of things. You can use them in other colors, too, depending on the shoe.

4. Pre-threaded needle kits: For when you have a moment to actually sew on a button or fix a fallen hem, you don’t want to waste your time trying to thread a needle.  Pre threaded needle kits are inexpensive, have a good range of colors, and are easy to store in your emergency kit. No more fumbling for your glasses to see the eye of the needle with these in your kit.

5. Fashion Tape: It’s not just handy in preventing wardrobe malfunctions: fashion tape lets you quickly repair a hem, keep a bra from showing under a top, keep blouses from gaping, keep clothing from riding up, shorten sleeves: the list is endless.

6. Lint Rollers: A travel size  is a must if you wear dark clothing (which always seems to attract extra lint!).  Some of them even include freshening agents, making this a two-in-one product.

7. Baby/Makeup wipes: These can act as an impromptu stain remover, freshen your face and hands, and clean up your makeup. There are several different brands, and many come in fragrance free as well, if you (or your client) is sensitive.

8.Febreze or other odor removers: On stage and screen, odor removers help lengthen the life of costumes by reducing the number of washings an item has to go through.  At home, odor eliminators are great for getting just one more wearing out of an item (or helping to cover for forgetting the laundry).

9. Micro Stitch Tool: What if a hem falls down or you need to do a quick repair and sewing or safety pins are not an option?  Take a tip from the costumers at “Boardwalk Empire“. and use the Micro Stitch tool from Avery Dennison. You can use this tool to repair clothing as well as for home decorating and craft projects. The micro tool is lightweight and easy to use. When you are in a pinch, the micro fasteners are better than thread, metal staples or safety pins and hold fast and tight.

What is your go-to, must-have emergency wardrobe kit list?