Tarrago Leather Dye: How to Paint Your Leather Shoes

Tarrago shoe dye Kit at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

I have a shoe problem: mostly, that I almost only buy black shoes. I’m not sure why, but I have black shoes in my closet in every heel height, closed-toed or peep toed, sandals and flats. Though it’s always great to have your basics, I sometimes find myself staring at shoes in the season’s latest color and think- how can I makeover my leather shoes?

If you’re going to DIY, you need to try Tarrago Leather Dye. It comes in 56 natural colors (and 7 metallics) so nearly any color you can think of is an option. Best of all, instead of using a multi-product process, almost everything you need is in the Tarrago box! It’s super simple. In the box are two little bottles, one contains a water based dye and the other a soapy liquid that prepares your leather before applying your dye. What is great about this dye is that it can change the color of your leather even from black to white. The process  leaves a fast drying, self shine finish and it  is suitable for leather, canvas and  synthetic leather.

In addition to the contents of  the Tarrago Leather dye package, be sure to have gloves, frog tape, a sponge and a painter’s brush on hand. The painter’s brush is optional, but makes the process more precise.

Tarrago Shoe dyeing  Process:

1. Tape off the sole and any part of your shoe that you don’t want dyed with frog tape or masking tape.

2. Use the included preparer to take the factory finish off of your shoes. Simply soak a small piece of sponge (the scouring side of a Scotch-Brite sponge works great) in the preparer and rub in circles. The shoes will be matte when this is finished.

3. Shake the paint until it’s well mixed. The product often settles, so this is very important!

4. Paint the details of your shoe with a painter’s brush: seams, details, and the edges of the frog tape.

5. With a paint brush, apply the paint to the sponge inclosed in the kit, then apply the paint to the shoe in a circular motion.

6. In between coats, use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

7. Repeat this until you have a solid color– this will take about 5 coats. Be sure that the paint is dry in between coats!

8. After the final coat you need to allow 4 to 24 hours before wearing.

Shoes dyed with Tarrago Dye at Manhattan Warddrobe Supply

Now think of all the other things you could be dyeing. Dye your leather bag, giving it a makeover for this season’s colors, or be more artistic. Grab a belt you never wear, dye it and belt a sweater for a brand new outfit. Touch up a pair of boots or even dye your dog’s leather collar.

Need more help? Check out our step-by-step video. You can buy Tarrago Leather Dye at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!