Wedding Emergency Kit

Wedding Emergency Kit at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Are you getting married, the maid or matron of honor, or just a friend acting as a wedding coordinator for a day?  You don’t want to be caught unprepared in case of  a stain, fallen hem or other wedding day emergency.  A few weeks before the wedding, assemble a kit that you can make sure is on-site– one less thing to worry about on the big day! Here are our suggestions:

MWS Wedding Emergency Kit: What to have with you just in case!

1. Static Guard: Mini-cans of static guard help remove static cling. This is great for a clingy bridal gown or bridesmaid’s dress, or for a wedding veil.

2. Safety Pins: Get a variety of safety pins in all colors– even black and colored pins! Don’t forget that grooms, groomsmen and bridesmaids have wardrobe emergencies, too. Black coated safety pins are great for repairing a simple tear when there is no time before walking down the aisle. Chances are one of the colored pins will work for a bridesmaid’s fallen hem or ripped seam.

3. Small Scissors with a sheath: These are great for cutting threads, removing tags, opening packages– trust me, you will need a pair!

4. Janie Stick: we know you’re not supposed to eat in a wedding dress before the reception but sometimes the bride is hungry!  If she (or a bridesmaid) gets an oil-based stain on her dress, this stick absorbs it with a chalk-like substance and brushes it away with the included brush. A lifesaver.

5. Grandma’s Wrinkle Remover: Last minute wrinkle, and you’re set to go down the aisle? Nothing works better than this to get out wrinkles if you don’t have time to steam.

6. Run Free: Before this, I (like many women) just used clear nail polish to treat runs.  Run Free is better– it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t stick to your skin, and you can use it before you get a run (say, near an ankle strap) to prevent runs.  It even works on your flower girl’s white tights!

7. Travel Lint Roller: A necessity, if not for the bride but for the groomsman– especially if your ring bearer is of the furry variety!

8. Extra Corsage/Boutonniere Pins: These always seem to get lost, and with many people in a wedding wearing one– from the bride and groom’s parents and grandparents to the groom and groomsman, you’ll want a few extra on hand.  Don’t stick anyone!

9. Super Glue: this is multipurpose– you can fix almost anything with this stuff.  Crystals fall off your shoes or hairpiece? No problem. Broken nail? An easy fix.

10. Silk & Clean Stain wipes: lipstick on your silk dress?  Silk & Clean will get it out.  It’s great for all sorts of stains, including oil-based, on silk.

11. Band Aids: Cut yourself? Trip up the aisle? Blisters from new shoes? Band Aids are a must-have.

12. Pre-Threaded Needles: You never know when a button may come up, or a hem may drop, and you don’t want to fuss with threading a needle. These are great.

13. Topstick: Topstick ensures you and your bridesmaids have no wardrobe malfunctions on your big day!  Use it to tape dresses to bras, make sure bra straps aren’t exposed, or just add a little modesty if you need it.

14. Earring Backs: Have a few on hand just in case you or someone in your bridal party loses an earring back.  It happens more than you think!

15. Jiffy Steamer:  This is the best steamer that I have found on the market. It heats up in two minutes, takes up little space, and does a number on wrinkles.  You’ll use this after your big day too– it’s much faster and easier than ironing.

16. Over-the-Counter Medicines: keep some ibuprofen, aspirin, antacid and allergy pills (like Benadryl) on hand just in case someone has a headache or an upset stomach.

17. Protein bars: Someone will get hungry — just stick to a non-chocolate version to minimize messes.

18. Bottles of water: Someone will get thirsty, and water is the safest choice before a wedding.

Also, don’t forget tissues, breath mints and eye drops!

Many of these items are available at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.  Did we miss any must-haves? Let us know in the comments.