So You Think You Can Dance Costumes Explained

 So You Think You Can Dance costumes require some slick wardrobe pro secrets to stay up and stay clean. Of the competition shows on TV today, So You Think You Can Dance is easily my favorite.  Now in its 11th season, SYTYCD takes divergent dance styles — from ballroom, to Broadway, to jazz, to modern, to ballet — and really highlights amazing dancers from around the country that may not otherwise have a chance at being discovered.

So You Think You Can Dance Costumes

So You Think You Can Dance Promo Pic via Fox

It’s also great to look at their costumes and think about how they keep themselves looking so fantastic.  Did you know that the costume and wardrobe staff (which included until 2009 Emmy Award-winning costume designer Soyon An) makes these costumes each week, custom for each dancer?  Everything — even the items that look like street clothes– are custom-made so that the dancers can move efficiently and look effortless.

These tips aren’t just for dancers, but for anyone doing active scenes — or even just trying to look good on a hot, sweaty day.

So You Think You Can Dance Costumes Secrets – Eliminate Wardrobe Malfunctions

When you’re a dancer, you might wear revealing costumes, but when you’re moving you want to be sure that “revealing” doesn’t become “risque”. Dancers and costume designers swear by Topstick Fashion Tape.  A package contains 50 strips, enough to make sure that nothing rides up (or pops out).  It’s essential.

Topstick by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies



So You Think You Can Dance Costumes Secrets – Keep Toes in Tip-Top Condition

No matter if you dance the cha-cha or classical ballet (or anything in between), you need foot support.  Bunheads Gel Metatarsal Pads fit into any dance shoe (from pointe to jazz) and help provide needed foot support to keep you on your toes.  These are a dancer must-have.


Bunheads Gel Metatarsal Pads by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies


So You Think You Can Dance Costumes Secrets – Keep Your Hair in Check

Long hair? Keep it back and out of your face with Blax.  They’re small elastics that have grip — but don’t tangle in the hair.  So many elastics either slip out or won’t come out when you want them to — these are perfect to both preserve your hair’s condition as well as keep you from looking unkept on stage.  Pair these with Bunheads Snap Clips, and that hair isn’t going anywhere.

BLAX Snag- Free Hair Elastics by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies




So You Think You Can Dance Costumes Secrets – Keep Your Makeup in Place

You’ve carefully applied the perfect makeup look for your performance. How do you keep it in place? Try Skin Illustrator HD Matte.  It keeps your makeup from moving, and provides a matte finish that will look great under the hot stage lights. Once you put it on, your makeup won’t go anywhere until you remove it!


Skin Illustrator HD MATTING SPRAY by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply




Dancers, what are your stage favorites?  You can grab all of our favorites (and more) at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.