Fashion of the Future: 1930s Fashion Designers Thought We’d Wear These Clothes

I grew up watching a lot of sci fi, and I am still a little bitter that I don’t have a Rosie the Robot cleaning my house, or a machine that I press a button on and a meal is delivered (thanks, Star Trek: The Next Generation, though, for predicting iPads!).  I’m also a little sad that I don’t dress like Judy Jetson — fashion designers aren’t designing the space-age outfits we imagined in the 60s, for sure.

1930's Costume Designers predict the future

Fashion Designers from the 1930s: What did they get right (or wrong)?

In the 1930s, fashion designers were tasked with predicting how we’d dress 70 years into the future.  This video, from the Pathetone Weekly pre-show reel at the movies, shows these fashion designers’ predictions.  Among them?  Outfits that go from day to night with the removal or addition of a sleeve, metal bras a la Madonna (or maybe Lady Gaga!)  Electric headlights as a hat? Probably not.  But we do wear wedge heels, jumpsuits, and have “scientifically kept temperatures” (heating and air conditioning, of course), so maybe they weren’t far off.


What do you think clothing will look like in 2084 (seventy years from now)?