How to Use iDye

Have you ever wondered how to use iDye? You’ve tried traditional dyes, of course. The powder goes everywhere, leaving you and your workshop slightly more colorful than it was before you started.  Plus, you get used to one color set with cotton and then you need to dye polyester, and you have to switch dye!  What a pain. For pros and amateurs alike, there is a solution to these problems:  i-Dye. Here are a few tips and tricks to show you how to use iDye and make your life a little easier!

iDye by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

How to Use iDye: Tips and Tricks

Instead of a powder,  iDye comes in a soluble packet that you simply drop into a washing machine filled with hot water. No muss, no fuss.  You won’t even get your hands dirty!  A few tips for use:

  • Wait the recommended full ten minutes for dispersal before adding your clothes (each packet will dye a two to three pound load).
  • Add two to three drops of dish soap to aid the dye dispersal regardless of the product you use.


How to Use iDye: Salt

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.  Here’s a story:  Mark Burchard tried iDye when it first came out.  The directions call for the addition of salt when you add the dye.  As pros know, salt sets the color.  Burchard chose not to add the salt in the dye bath, as he wanted to be able to tweak the color after seeing the finished product. He was teching tee shirts (our least favorite part of dying here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply), and skipping the salt came in very handy.  When Burchard saw the finished product he “found the color a little too intense,” but since the color wasn’t set, he had room to play. Another run through a full cycle and another quick cycle with the salt and the color was precisely what he wanted.  Perfect!  

How to Use iDye: Cleanup

Cleaning up iDye is pretty simple: wash a load of darks and you’re good to go — no muss, no fuss.

How to Use iDye: Polyester

Unlike most other companies, iDye carries a polyester dye. While there are currently only 16 colors, it is a readily available, easy option for your polyesters. Remember,  you can open the packages and custom mix among the 16 choices to increase your color options. This is a little messier than just using the dyes as-is, but it’s still better than powder floating in the air!

How to Use iDye: Limitations

iDye is pretty amazing, but not perfect.  Since it’s in an easy-to-use packet, it limits the number of colors you can create.  There are 30 color choices that can be tweaked only so much without breaking the package and defeating the purpose of iDye. For professional dyers or if you absolutely, positively must have an exact shade, you’ll need to use more traditional methods. For the basics, though, iDye is great — for our clothing, for our shops, and for our sanity!

Have you used iDye?  Tell us how you liked it in the comments, and be sure to pick it up at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!