How Stars Deal with Sweat

Do you wonder how stars deal with sweat?  They’re under hot lights, high pressure, and have paparazzi around constantly.  Is it genetics?  No.  They have some secrets– and Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is here to share them with you!

man sweating by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

How Stars Deal with Sweat: Dress Shields

You’ve never heard of dress shields?  Or if you have, it’s because your grandma wore them?  Get with the program — they are essential to making sure you don’t show sweat.  While your grandma might have used sew-in dress shields, we love Kleinert’s Stick-In Dress Shields, since they stick in and remove easily, and really do the job, as well as come in black, nude and white.  You might also try the pin-in variety for more heavy duty sweat (or just because you don’t want disposable).

How Stars Deal with Sweat:  Collar Guards

Have you ever seen a celebrity with an icky, yellow, stained collar (outside of a role that called for it, of course).  I doubt you have.  That’s because they’re stealing something from your grandpa’s arsenal: collar guards. These have been updated since your grandpa’s day — they are now self stick– but still do the same job: they keep your collars from getting stained. Bonus: they also keep your collar standing up correctly!  They’re a must have.

How Stars Deal with Sweat: Raise Armpit Stain Remover

You forgot your dress shields, and you have a sweat stain.  What do you do?  Don’t bleach — bleach sets the stain.  Good Housekeeping recommends Raise Armpit Stain Remover.  It helps remove sweat stains, including armpits, ring-around-the-collar — even old ones– without damaging the fabric.  Simply pretreat with Raise and wash as usual — your stains will be gone.   The only difference?  The celebrity likely doesn’t do his or her own laundry!

How Stars Deal with Sweat: Antiperspirant Wipes

Have you ever forgotten your deodorant?  Or had one of those days where you need extra — and there’s none in your bag (or you can’t fit a whole stick in there)?  Try Antiperspirant Wipes.  Kleinert’s Antiperspirant Wipes are even better than deodorant sticks– they work for a week and even last through showering.  Plus, they’re portable — just pop one in your purse or pocket.

How Stars Deal with Sweat: Shoes

Do your feet sweat?  If you’re a celebrity, you might be wearing shoes borrowed from a designer that are a little too big, which makes sweaty feet an even more critical problem than slipping around in shoes that fit.  Try Kung Shoe Grip, which sticks to the inside of your shoe and prevents you from slipping around.  It’ll give you a little extra peace of mind as you walk around town.

What are your favorite tricks for keeping the sweat at bay?  Let us know here, and pick up your favorites at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.