Look Great In And Out of the Pool

We have a good month left of pool season, and this is the time when we want to look great in and out of the pool.  How do you do it?  There are a few fashion secrets you can try to make sure you look fantastic.

Look Great In and Out of the Pool by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Look Great In And Out of the Pool: Bust Enhancers

You may not want to be a cup size bigger — we understand that.  Still, bust enhancers can help make sure you look your best.  They add shape to a top (some of those bikini tops don’t have much structure!), make your bust more even, and even add modesty.  Manhattan Wardrobe Supply carries waterproof bust enhancers that fit any bathing suit top and any bust size.  Our favorites are the Braza Triangle Silicone Bust Enhancers, since they fill out those tricky triangle tops.  We also love Braza Swim Shapers, which can be sewn into your bikini top.

Look Great In and Out of the Pool: Modesty

You don’t want to put in a bust enhancer? We understand.  Sometimes you still want to be modest, and that’s where Low Beams Nipple Concealers comes in.  They make sure a cool ocean breeze  (or a dip in a cool pool) doesn’t turn on the “high beams”!  They’re waterproof and won’t hurt upon removal.  We love them.

Sometimes you need modesty in other places as well.  Braza’s Camel-Not does exactly what you think it does — makes sure you don’t expose anything you don’t want to “down there”.  Camel-Not is great for bathing suits that might be a little tight or cling.

Look Great In and Out of the Pool: Keep Moist!

Being in the sun can be really drying to the skin, and add in chlorine, salt and sand — you could be the Sahara by the time you’re done with your pool or beach time!  We love Jao Brand Patio Oil for several purposes.  First, it smells amazing, and it’s made from all-natural ingredients that you can feel good about.  Second, all of the essential oils and soybean oil keep your skin soft and conditioned.  And last — but not least– it keeps bugs away!  There’s nothing worse than getting dry, sunburned AND bitten in a day at the beach.  We can take care of two of those in one bottle.  Just toss some sunscreen in your bag, and you’re set.

Look Great In and Out of the Pool:  Makeup

Yes, we know you wear makeup to the pool or to the beach.  We do too!  How do you keep it in place when you take a dip?  You might do your best to keep your head above water, but sometimes, you’ll just get splashed– or a wave will knock you down.  Try Blue Marble SeLr Spray, which is great for sensitive skin and is used by pros for underwater shots!  A spray or two after you’ve done your makeup will keep your street makeup in place for hours.

What are your tips to look great in and out of the pool?  Let us know, and grab your pre-pool needs at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!