Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Girls

Ladies, what will be the most popular halloween costumes for you in 2014?  We have a few ideas, as there have been some iconic ladies doing some interesting things this year.  Here are our ideas from movies, television, music and sports!

Young woman in a witch costume her face covered with a hat

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Lorde

Brown wig. Dark lipstick. Lots of eyeliner.  Lorde is a sensation, and we have a feeling she’ll be inspiring a lot of costumes this Halloween.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Iggy Azalea

Who can’t get “Fancy” out of their head?  It’s been stuck in ours all summer.  Blonde hair and red lipstick make this an easy costume; it’s even more helpful if you manage to trip (did you see her fall at the VMAs?  She handled it like a pro!).  Dress in some Cher-esque (we mean from Clueless, not from Sonny and) and you’ll look pretty Fancy.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes: Sia

The Chandelier video is almost iconic now: blonde wig, nude body suit.  It would also make a fantastic Halloween costume! While you may not be a gymast, you can totally rock this look.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Orange is the New Black

Who didn’t binge watch OINTB this summer? Whether you spike your hair and put on lipstick like Red, rock glasses and black cat-eye liner like Vause, or twists like Crazy Eyes, it’s easy to put on some orange or tan scrubs to be your favorite OINTB lady.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Frozen

If the anime convention I stumbled upon last week in Vancouver was any indication, Elsa and Anna are going to be pretty popular costumes for Halloween.  We have supplies to make Elsa easy to attain:  pale blue Angelus leather paint for your shoes and ultra fine transparent art glitter for the ice on your cloak.  Check out this amazing cosplay video featuring “Let it Go”, which I’m sure all of you know!

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Lucy

Scarlett Johanssen’s action movie turn as Lucy, who drugs turn into the ultimate warrior, was one of the big summer blockbusters.  Lucy would be a fun character to play, whether it’s with a short blonde wig and torn clothes (don’t forget some dirt and blood!) or a dark wig, sunglasses and a cocktail dress, this is the strongest female action hero we’ve seen in a long time. Here’s the trailer for some ideas:


Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Wonder Woman

The new look for Wonder Woman, to debut in Superman v. Batman next year, was just released.  She looks a lot like what we think of Wonder Woman — dark hair, indestructible bracelets– with a little touch of Xena, Warrior Princess in her very Greek-looking costume.  Take a look!

wonder woman

So who will you be for Halloween this year? Stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply to get the finishing touches for your costume.