Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Couples

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with your spouse, partner, or just your BFF, couples’ Halloween costumes can be really fun.  At Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, we have a couple of guesses as to what the most popular Halloween Costumes in 2014 will be.  What do you think?


most popular halloween costumes 2014 couples

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Daft Punk

This costume is totally genderless!  Grab a couple of great helmets, two tuxedos and some gloves and you’re ready to go.   No makeup, no hair — but I’d definitely bring along an iPod and a Bluetooth speaker so you can play their greatest hits!  Here’s some inspiration:



Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Beyonce and Jay-Z

This is the couple of the decade.  Their On the Run tour, Beyonce’s legendary VMA performance and their influence on music since the end of the last century makes them a great choice for a couples’ costume.  Plus, have an infant?  You have a Blue Ivy!  For Beyonce, be sure to use Topstick on your lacefront wig, be sure to protect your modesty underneath a sheer, spangly costume and practice your dance moves!   You can get some great costume ideas from their RUN video, which you can watch right here:


Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Pulp Fiction

I know, Pulp Fiction seems so 20 years ago… because it was!  The 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction’s release is this year, and people are really celebrating and getting into the early 90s vibe.  There are some great couples costumes here:  Vincent and Jules, Vincent and Mrs. Mia Wallace, Mrs and Mrs. Wallace, or Honey Bunny and Pumpkin.  Pick your favorite– remember the blood (for Mrs. Mia Wallace’s overdose, or Vincent and Jules covered in Marvin’s blood, some Topstick  for wigs (Vincent, Jules or Mrs. Mia Wallace) and have fun reliving one of the best movies of the 90s.


Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Fifty Shades of Grey

How many women have you seen reading Fifty Shades of Grey?  It, and its sequels, are New York Times bestsellers and have been turned into a movie that premieres in February of 2015.  We still think that Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey will be big this year.  The costuming is simple: grey neckties, for sure; a grey Suit for Christian.  For Anastasia, take a peek at the trailer for some inspiration.


Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2014: Jonny Weir and Tara Lipinski

The best part of the Sochi Olympics this year?  It wasn’t the Games, it wasn’t the endless coverage of the issues journalists and athletes had in Russia (remember the brown water?).  It was Jonny Weir and Tara Lipinski looking fabulous every day.  Their Instagram account became a quick favorite of mine, tracking Tara’s beautiful designer wardrobe and looking to see what Jonny would think of next.  For Tara, go for some high drama hair and adorable, colorful outfits. For Jonny? The sky’s the limit.  Check out their joint Instagram for inspiration from Sochi, the Kentucky Derby and beyond.