Cleaning Sneakers with the Jason Markk Essential Kit

Cleaning sneakers keeps them looking just as great as the day you bought them — particularly if they are rare, expensive, or just your favorites.  So how do the pros clean sneakers?  They use the Jason Markk Clean Kit, which has everything you need for cleaning sneakers.

cleaning sneakers

The Jason Markk kit is everything you need to keep your shoes — whether they’re Adidas or Givenchy or Jordans — in tip-top shape.  They are specifically formulated for sneakers, and are safe for all sorts of fabrics, from leather and nubuck to nylon and canvas.

Cleaning Sneakers: Jason Markk Kit Contents

Each Jason Markk Kit contains 4 oz of Jason Markk cleaner, which is made of natural cleaners like jojoba oil and coconut as well as a standard synthetic brush.  The 4 oz of cleaner will clean about 100 pairs of sneakers — it lasts a while.

Cleaning Sneakers: How Tos

It’s pretty easy to clean sneakers.  In addition to the kit, you’ll need a bowl of water and a towel.  Here’s how:

  1. Dip brush into bowl of water
  2. Apply liberal amount of solution to brush
  3. Dip brush back into bowl of water
  4. Scrub shoes creating foaming action
  5. Wipe clean with cloth or towel, repeat steps 1-5 as needed
  6. Air dry

That’s it!

Cleaning Sneakers: Other Jason Markk Products

We carry other Jason Markk products too:  refills for the cleaning solution, a premium brush that is great for premium leather and suede, and Quik Wipes that allow you to clean up scuffs and smudges on-the-go (great to keep a couple in your pocket or bag).

The Jason Markk products make cleaning sneakers easy and maybe a little fun.  If you like your kicks, stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply to pick up the best stuff to keep them in the best shape.