Get Ready for Comic Con 2014 with Wonderflex

Do you have your Comic Con 2014 costumes ready?  Need to sculpt something, but aren’t sure how to do it? Put away the papier mache and try Wonderflex!

comicon 2014 wonderflex

Comic Con 2014: What is Wonderflex?

Wonderflex allows you to build gravity-defying sculptural elements for your costumes. It looks like hard plastic, but when you warm it, it becomes pliable.  You can shape it over a mold or by hand, and once it cools, it becomes hard again. You can sculpt everything from masks to chest pieces to swords!  It comes in sheets: 43″ x 55″.

Comic Con 2014: How do you use Wonderflex?

You can cut Wonderflex to shape with a good pair of scissors — no special equipment necessary.  To heat up Wonderflex, you can use a hot water bath, a microwave, or a heat gun: it depends on the project!  Try a bunch of different ways to see what works best for you. Once it’s heated, you have 2-3 minutes to work with it until you will need to heat it again.  Wonderflex can be heated multiple times!

To make shapes, you can mold with your hands (be careful not to burn yourself — using tight-fitting insulated gloves is helpful) into either positive or negative molds, or you can freeform.  You can get that intricate detail with traditional sculpting tools or wooden tools.  Keep your heat gun handy, and a few ice packs if you want to keep one area cold (and hard) while you work on an area nearby. But be careful — don’t use the human body as a mold, or else you’ll burn yourself or your model.

Comic Con 2014: What can you use Wonderflex for?

Everything.  You are limited only by your imagination.  We’ve seen it used in helmets, weapons, full-body-armor, Transformer costumes, masks, you name it.  We’d love to see what YOU do with it!

Wonderflex by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply   Wonderflex by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply   Wonderflex by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply