How to Get Away With Murder Costumes

We are big Scandal fans here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, and we all decided to tune into the show right after– How to Get Away with Murder— to check up on their costumes!  We weren’t disappointed: they were great!

How to Get Away with Murder Costumes


How to Get Away with Murder Costumes: The Look

Seriously, just look at Viola Davis as professor and defense attorney Anneliese Keating. She’s just plain fierce.  Where Scandal has Olivia Pope in white suits and pale accessories with accents like gloves and always perfect hair, Anneliese Keating is her polar opposite:  she’s in dark clothing with lots of leather: jackets, skirts, insets.  Her look is a very different kind of power: it’s sexy and dark and maybe a little sinister.  In a good way, that is — she obviously scares all of the students in her Criminal Law class, and she’s got some secrets, too.  I can’t wait to see how this series plays out!

So what if you want to rock an Anneliese Keating look?  It’s pretty simple:  go for well-tailored, dark pieces with leather accents.  They don’t have to be real leather — nice pleather will do too — but for richness, splurge on the leather.

Here’s a great look at a few items that can help you recreate an Anneliese Keating look:

How to Get Away with Murder


How to Get Away with Murder Costumes: Keeping it Clean

We aren’t very far into this season, so we don’t know how dirty (literally or figuratively) Anneliese Keating will get, but leather is a pretty good fabric if you’re going to get bloody (if you do, please keep the details to yourself).  So how do you clean leather if you happen to get something on it?  Angelus Luster Cream helps polish and soften leather, and comes in several colors (yes, even one that matches that blood red leather jacket she wears in the opening scene).  It’s one easy step for cleaning, buffing and polishing.

Kelly’s Leather Jacket Cleaner and Renovator is also a great option.  It preserves, strengthens, beautifies and restores natural oils to fine leather jackets and can be used on any color jacket, though light colors may darken (so be careful and save it for the black and brown ones).

Angelus also has a great Easy Cleaner for Suede and Leather. It will clean all leathers, and is great for suede, nubuck, vinyl, straw, canvas, and carpet too.  A very versatile cleaner to have on hand!

We can’t wait to see what costumes come up next!