Comic Con 2014: Worbla for Cosplay

Happy Comic Con 2014!  Manhattan Wardrobe Supply hopes you have an amazingly fun time this year, and that you’ll stop by our store on your way to or from the Javits Center — we’re really close by!  We’ve got tons of resources you can use for your cosplay costumes, including our new addition: Worbla which will be in the store October 18th!


comic con 2014 worbiaComic Con 2014: What Is Worbla?

 Worbla is a heatable, moldable substance that is perfect for making armor.  All you need to use it are scissors, heat, molds (or your body!) and a little time.  You can heat Worbla with a hair dryer, heat gun, steamer or iron.

Because Worbla is very pliable once heated it is a great product to create intricate curves and circles, and can’t be beat for molded items. Unlike Wonderflex it has only one “glue side” and it is weak and unstable without some sort of backing. It also does not have a smooth side like Wonderflex so you have to prime it with gesso  before it is painted to acheive a smooth surface.

None of the the thermoplastics are 100% faultless, but they all have their plus and minuses. We suggest you combine products such as Wonderflex and Worbla based on their attributes to achieve the perfect result for your project!

Comic Con 2014: How do you use Worbla?

  1. Cut out your pattern in construction paper.
  2. Transfer your pattern to craft foam.
  3. Trace the craft foam on your Worbla, being careful to not waste any Worbla. Trace both front and back — you will need two pieces.
  4. Build a Worbla sandwich: Worbla, the craft foam piece, then more Worbla.
  5. Use a heat gun to seal the edges.  You’ll heat until the Worbla is a caramel color. Pinch the edges closed. You can also make one side of your costume slightly larger, then wrap the edges over the shorter end when you heat it.  That will make a cleaner edge.
  6. If you need something thicker, you can stack more pieces of Worbla together!
  7. You can also heat pieces of Worbla and form them around your arms, legs, chest — just wear long sleeves or pants to provide a barrier to the heat.
  8. And you can heat Worbla and put it in a mold to make 3-D accents on your costume pieces.

Comic Con 2014: So now I have brown costume pieces. How do I paint it?

Pretty simply.  Use a gesso base coat, then paint with any sort of acrylic paint you want: metallic, matte, the sky is the limit!  You can even coat it with gloss for super shiny pieces, or use some sandpaper for wear.

We have all sorts of things for your cosplay needs: everything from wig stands to makeup as well as all of the supplies you need to build your specialty costume pieces! Stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply this week, we’ll be happy to help you out.