Last Minute Halloween Costumes with Tinsley Transfers

It’s Thursday.  It’s the day before Halloween.  You have a party to go to tomorrow, right? Or maybe you’re just planning on scaring the neighborhood kids while they trick-or-treat?  You forgot your costume, didn’t you?  It’s okay — it happens to all of us, even the costume and makeup pros. Luckily, we have a solution: for your last minute Halloween costumes: Tinsley Transfers from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.

last minute halloween costumes from manhattan wardrobe supply


Tinsley Transfers come in all sorts of designs — everything from the Maori tattoos you see above, to bullet holes, to knife slashes, to 1950s pin-up tattoos.  Want to be a character from Boardwalk Empire? Throw on a suit and a hat (or your favorite cocktail dress) and toss on a bullet hole (everyone in that show gets shot at some point, right?).  Have you been bitten by a vampire? We have vampire bite transfers.  Want to be a zombie?  Try some knife slashes, a little greenish facepaint, and some torn clothes from a thrift shop.  Going as a prison inmate?  We have knuckle tattoos AND prison tattoos, so you can be straight out of Lockup. Tinsley Transfers will take your costume from adequate to awesome.

Take a look at our Halloween page for more great last minute ideas.  There’s something for every taste: just add your creativity!