How to Stop Bra Strap Slipping: Fashion Fix Friday

Bras, while functional, can be a pain. Bra strap slip can ruin an outfit and make you look very awkward as you adjust yourself so the “girls” don’t slip, too!  Here are a few tips to show you how to stop bra strap slipping.

Stop Bra Strap Slipping-Yellow and red bra hanged on display


Stop Bra Strap Slipping: Get Fitted for a Bra!

Seriously, this is the #1 thing you can Bra Strap Slippage: do to keep your bra from slipping.  Even if you lose or gain as little as 10 pounds, your bra might not be the right fit.  So find a good bra fitter — high end department stores and specialty bra shops are good places to go– and find out what your size is.  Sometimes, it will be different depending on the brand, so be sure to try on a range to get the perfect fit for you.

Stop Bra Strap Slipping: Happy Straps

So your bra fits, but your shoulders are a little narrow and your straps slip. What to do?  Try Braza Happy Straps. Happy Straps allow you to clip your bra straps together preventing bra slippage. Trust me, your bra straps won’t budge! Each package contains straps in four colors, so you can be sure you have one for every bra in your lingerie wardrobe. This is my foavorite solution as I personally use this product. You could say I never leave home without it.

Braza Happy Straps by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stop Bra Strap Slipping: Magic Clip

Sometimes, it isn’t quite slippage that is the problem, but your bra peeking out of your top.  You may not want to wear a strapless or buy a special bra just for one outfit.  This is where Braza Magic Clips can come in handy.  This clear strap turns your bra into a racerback, eliminating any visible straps in sleeveless tops, or accomodating summery tanktops or even some cocktail dresses.  Since they’re clear, you’ll only need one, and they’re discreet under clothing.  Bonus?  Magic Clips help with “lift” if you need it (and who doesn’t?).

Braza Magix Clip by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stop Bra Strap Slip: Strap Tamers

While our other two solutions keep your bra straps from slipping, Strap Tamers prevent them from showing. It’s the combination of a pin and a clip to keep your bra straps attached to your dress, top or blouse no matter what kind of fabric or occasion.  The pins won’t rust in the fabric, and can be used on even delicates.

Strap Tamer by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyStrap Tamers by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


You’ll never worry about bra straps again with these tips and tricks!  Find all of your bra strap solutions at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, and check back next week for another Friday Fashion Fix!