How to Fix Gaps in Button Down Shirts

Being a large busted woman myself this is a problem that I personally struggle with. I love the look of a crisp button down shirt but invariably the button is in the wrong place and thus there is this gap and everyone can see my bra. I almost feel more exposed than if I hadn’t put the shirt on at all.  I am not alone, many women have experienced this issue and no one likes it.  How to fix  gaps in button down shirts?   We have a few ideas.

How to fix gaps in button down shirts

How to Fix Gaps in Button Down Shirts: Topstick

The first thing that comes to any wardrobe department pro’s mind when you ask about the button down gap is Topstick.  Topstick, whether cut off of a roll or in strips, is a godsend for the gap that invariably happens when a badly placed button interferes with the curve of the bust (and yes, this can happen whether you are an A cup or a D cup, depending on the arrangement of the buttons on a blouse!). Just stick and go– it will take you seconds and keep everyone from knowing the color of your bra!

How to Fix Gaps in Button Down Shirts: Snaps

If you have a little more time, an easy way to fix the button down shirt gap is to sew a small snap in the gap.  This is more permanent, but still easy to do: simply sew a small snap between the buttons, bridging the gap (so to speak!) between them and protecting your modesty. I like to use a clear plastic snap for this purpose as they are lighter and virtually invisible. We have a variety of fasteners at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply to fit every shirt’s needs.

How to Fix Gaps in Button Down Shirts: Sew it Up

Depending on the cut of the blouse and wear the gap is, you can sew it right up!  Here’s a great tutorial on how to do so (with some tips on how to decide if the shirt is a candidate for this surgery).  This is obviously quite permanent and takes longer than snaps or tape, but can be very effective as well.  Likewise, you can buy a shirt bigger and then take it in to fit your waist.

How to Fix Gaps in Button Down Shirts: Buy Illusion Shirts

This might be cheating a bit, but designers are realizing that not all women are built the same way, and what might gap on one is perfect on another, so how about we just pretend the blouse is a button-down when really it isn’t?  InStyle makes a shirt with a hidden button placket to prevent gaps while Hugo Boss has a “Bashina” shirt each year that looks like a button down, but zips up the side. Genius!

How to Fix Gaps in Button Down Shirts: Wear a Cami

This is not an option for everyone, as a camisole or tank top changes the look of a button down, but a camisole will smooth the bustline, eliminating gaps.  You can also unbutton an extra button and fill in with a Braza Cami Lace that ties to your bra and covers up anything that might be seen with a gap.

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