Angelus Collector Edition and Air Jordans

Have you been struggling to custom-mix your Angelus paint to match your Air Jordans?  Struggle no longer.  Manhattan Wardrobe Supply now carries  Angelus Collector Edition paints that are all matched to Air Jordan colors!

angelus collector edition air jordan

Angelus Collector Edition : Color Selection & Use

In their continuing quest to be ahead of the pack, Angelus “just did it” and created this perfectly matched series of leather paints. These colors are matched directly from actual sneakers, no guesswork here.  It’s easy to match your favorite shoes (say, you got a scuff– Angelus Collector Edition can fix it!) or even completely customize a shoe. Angelus Collector Edition includes colors that range from Concord to Blaze to Joker Green to Yeezy (even if you’re not matching an Air Jordan, these colors are fun!).

Angelus leather paint is the top of the line for artists who customize their leather sneakers, jackets and more. Angelus paints are recommended by the best, and after testing it we see why. Not only does this paint have great coverage, it looks beautiful and is extremely flexible for wearable art. For the full line of their paints, click here.


Angelus Collector Edition Sneaker Paints by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


The video below shows an Air Jordan that had been scuffed turned into an awesome, Chicago Bears-inspired shoe. Take a look:

If you’re customizing your kicks, come to Manhattan Wardrobe Supply –we will be glad to give you advice and we have everything you need!