Fashion Fix Fridays: How to Freshen Winter Clothes

Have you pulled out your sweaters and winter clothes yet? With the weather we’ve had lately, I’m sure you have– but are they a little musty?  That’s the worst thing– comfy, cozy sweaters that smell musty. Yuck! We have a few solutions that will help teach you how to freshen winter clothes and make them smell great again.

how to freshen winter clothes


How to Freshen Winter Clothes: Prevent It!

The best way to freshen winter clothes is to never have to!  It’s actually easy to prevent. We like to use these cedar and lavender sachets from Household Essentials.  Hang them in your closet or tuck them in a box, and your clothes will smell like lavender and cedar when you pull them out. Easy!

Household Essentials Lavender and Cedar Sachets

How to Freshen Winter Clothes: Febreze

Febreze is great at getting the musty smell out of clothes. It does leave behind a scent, so if you’re sensitive, you may want to try something else. Simply spray the clothing with Febreze (make sure that the fabric is water-safe first) and allow to dry.  Very easy and very fast, this will freshen your clothes in a jiffy.

Febreze odor eliminator

How to Freshen Winter Clothes: Dryel

Dryel is great for freshening clothing.  It works a bit like Febreze, in that you spray it onto clothing, but it’s safe for all sorts of fabrics, and you can dry it in the dryer (great way to warm up those sweaters!).  Dryel also removes wrinkles from clothing being folded and stored.

Dryel 3 in 1 Touch up spray

How to Freshen Winter Clothes: Atmos Odor Eliminator

Trying to avoid scent altogether?  Atomos Odor Eliminator is unscented and completely removes odor from clothing.  This is great if you’re sensitive to scent, or just don’t want your clothing’s scent to compete with your perfume!


How to Freshen Winter Clothes: Eucalan

It’s a good idea to wash sweaters before the beginning of the season. Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash not only removes musty odors but makes the sweaters incredibly soft and cozy. Eucalan comes in unscented as well as multiple scents, like grapefruit, eucalyptus and lavender!

Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

There are lots of options to freshen up your wardrobe for winter.  With just a few items, you can have fresh, soft clothing all winter long!