Hunger Games Costumes

The costumes for The Hunger Games are incredible, aren’t they? Trish Summerville is the mastermind behind these costumes, which alternate between utilitarian (everyone in District 12) to ostentatious (Effie Trinket and everyone in District 1).  You may also know her work from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, and Christina Aguilera’s Stripped tour.

Hunger Games Costumes-Mockingjay

Summerville uses a variety of sources for costumes, including Alexander McQueen (nearly all of Effie Trinket’s wardrobe is McQueen in the first two movies), under-the-radar designers Nicholas K, Oscar Olima and Juun J; and Tex Saverio designed the 20 pound Mockingjay wedding dress, which spun from white to black. Several of Katniss’ costumes, including a beautiful, fiery bird-based dress, were designed by Summerville herself.

We’ve picked a few items inspired by Trish Summerville costumes that evoke the fashion of The Hunger Games without being too over-the-top. You can dress like Katniss or Effie without looking like you came out of the movie (or wearing a dress that weighs 20 pounds!).

 The Hunger Games Costumes: Katniss

This evokes her strictly utilitarian clothing worn in the Games themselves.  Leather is both tough and easy to move in, and the boots help her keep her grip (and run away from tracker jackers).

Hunger Games: Katniss Competition


The Hunger Games: Katniss as Mockingjay

This look is reminiscent of the dress that Katniss wears after she spins in her white wedding dress, but likely more wearable for your next gala or holiday party.  I love the hard edges of the belt and the way it contrasts with the soft drape of the silk jersey fabric.  Very, very Katniss.

Hunger Games: Katniss Mockingjay

 The Hunger Games Costumes: Effie Trinket

Alexander McQueen’s feminine but restrictive dresses were taken directly off the runway for Effie.  This dress is fairly toned down, but in combination with the beautiful fascinator in navy, whispers Effie (instead of a scream).

Hunger Games: Effie Trinket


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