Fashion Fix Friday: Keep Nipples from Showing!

It can be so embarrassing.  You’re in a thin dress or blouse — no room for a padded bra.  It’s all you can do to keep nipples from showing — whether it’s cold or not! How can you keep your modesty without sacrificing style? Adhesive bandages just don’t cut it when you’re cutting glass. We have a few solutions for you.

Keep Nipples from Showing

Keep Nipples from Showing: Braza Petals

Braza Petals are a great way to prevent anything from showing underneath thin blouses or dresses.  They come in a 5-pack (and come in nude and cocoa) so it’s easy to have a pair on hand for any event. They’re adhesive — just pop them on and go; you’ll feel confident all night.

Braza Petals Adhesive Nipple Covers

Keep Nipples from Showing: Bring It Up Breast Shapers

Need a little lift and extra coverage?  Bring It up Breast Shapers are great for maximum coverage under form-fitting clothing as well as a little extra lift! (And really, who doesn’t need a little extra lift some days?) These are clear with a nude center, and come in both A/B cup and C/D cup sizes.

nipple covers

Keep Nipples from Showing: Bunheads Smoothies

Bunheads designed Smoothies to help dancers look smooth under their leotards.  They’re silicone, with thin edges, which look great under tight or sheer clothing.  Bonus: they’re washable AND reusable!

Bunheads Smoothies by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Keep Nipples from Showing: Braza Au Natural Silicone Bust Enhancer

Need to cover the nipples AND want a bonus of an extra cup size? Braza Au Natural Silicone Bust Enhancer does just that. These handy forms add shape and lift in a comfortable silicone round. Just pop them right into your bra!

Braza au Natural Breast Enhancer

Keep Nipples from Showing: Braza Swim Shapers

Need to make sure you’re covered at the pool or at the beach? Braza Swim Shapers add a little padding and shape to your bra top (no matter the size or pattern!).  These simply slip into your top and you’re protected– plus, they’re waterproof!

Braza Swim Shapers by Manhattan Warddrobe Supply


Avoid fashion disasters with just a couple of tools in your fashion arsenal. Stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply to pick them up!