Fashion Fix Fridays: Jean Gap

That perfect pair of jeans: beautiful wash. Great details. Maybe you got it on a super sale — or maybe you saved and saved for the perfect high end brand.  Perhaps you lost a bit of weight — or gained — and now your jeans aren’t perfect! There’s a gap (or they’re too tight). How do you fix this?

jean gap


Jean Gap: Too Big

Do you have a tiny waist but bigger hips or thighs?  That’s not a figure flaw– jeans manufacturers just don’t take it into account.  An easy way to fix the gap between the top of your tush and the back of your pants is to take 1/2″ elastic and attach it with a zigzag stitch down the center, pulling it very tightly.  When you put your pants on, it will hug the curve above your tush — and not stick out, unwittingly showing off your underwear.

Jean Gap: Too Small

What if the gap is the opposite– in the front, because your jeans won’t button?  That’s an even easier fix.  We just use the Waist Bandit which adds a little room to your pants.  You can easily cover it with the hem of your top. Unlike other waist expanders, they are adjustable– whether you need just a little breathing room or a lot, we have you covered. These are also great if you’re at the beginning of a pregnancy and aren’t quite into maternity pants yet!

waist bandit

Jean Gap: Too Long

We all have that favorite pair of jeans that we want to wear with everything — but jeans need to be longer when you’re wearing heels than when you’re wearing flats.  Hemming My Way is a helpful and non-permanent way to hem your jeans when you’d prefer to wear flats instead of high heels. You don’t have to make a permanent decision, like you would with cutting and hemming.  You can use these easy snap-in tabs to mold your cuffs to be as long or short as you’d like without changing the length of your jeans.

Hemming My Way by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

We have all sorts of ways to fix jean gap at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!  Come see us, and we’re happy to help!