Fashion Fix Fridays: Deodorant Streaks

I hate deodorant streaks.  Whether I’ve just put deodorant on and then put on a shirt (always black!) or I’m adding extra and miss, deodorant can get everywhere. There are ways to deal with it short of tossing your shirt immediately in the washer.

deodorant streaks

Deodorant Streaks: Braza Wipe Out

Braza Wipe Out Deodorant Removing Sponge is great to keep in your purse, as you can use it to brush off deodorant strikes on the go. Just brush it away!

Braza Wipe Out Sponge by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Deodorant Streaks: DEO-GO

Deo-Go is a spray that gets out tough deodorant stains.  Don’t throw that shirt out — use Deo-Go to remove it. Just spray it on and go — your stain will be history.

Deo-go by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Deodorant Streaks: Garment Guard

Prevent stains to begin with with Garment Guards! These are self-adhesive and can be reused, and absorb sweat and deodorant stains.  You won’t even HAVE a problem.


So keep your deodorant issues at bay with the great products we have at MWS.  You’ll be cool, calm, and streak-free!