Must Haves for Fashion Week 2015

Next week is Fashion Week 2015! We are so excited to see what designers have in store for us to wear in the Fall.  Are you a stylist or wardrobe assistant at Fashion Week 2015? We have everything you need to stock your kit before it starts.

NEW YORK-SEP 8: Models walk the runway at the OUDIFU fashion sho

Fashion Week 2015 Must Haves: Model Bags


Model bags are the easiest way to organize every outfit.  Put accessories like jewelry in the small pocket, gloves and scarves in the larger pocket, and there’s room for a 3×5 card with your model’s name and a list of all of the items she will need to walk the runway on it, too.  It’s a great time saver!

Fashion Week 2015 Must Haves: Save Your Sole Sole Stickers

Save Your Sole Sole Sticker

You don’t want your models to slip, and you also want those high-end shoes to go back to the manufacturer with no damage, right?  Save Your Sole Sole Stickers both apply and remove easily and protect those red, cream or pink soles from damage (and your model from slipping on the slick runway!).  Keep plenty of these in your kit, and you’ll have both happy models and happy clients!

Fashion Week 2015 Must Haves: Commando Thongs


While some designers want their models to be really commando (Rick Owen’s men’s show, anyone?), many are more than happy to just have their models not show panty lines.  In this case, you need to have Commando Tiny Thongs in your arsenal.  These don’t cut into flesh, but skim over it — and come in plenty of colors to match any skin tone.  It’s like your model isn’t wearing anything at all — but yet, their modesty is still protected.  They are great for slinky gowns, skimpy skirts, and even under some swimwear!

Fashion Week 2015 Must Haves: Eucalan Stain Wipes

Eucalan Stain Wipes by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains happen.  Having some wipes that can be used on delicate fabrics, like Eucalan Stain Wipes are a must-have, as you never know when a model will brush up against something or get makeup or (horrors!) food on their clothing.  Keep a few of these in your apron or pocket and be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Fashion Week 2015 Must Haves: More Essentials

It’s a great time to stock up on these essentials to have backstage or in your kit–

What are your must-haves for Fashion Week 2015?  Let us know, and visit us at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply to pick them all up!