Fashion Fix Friday: Salt Stains

That blizzard last week was something, wasn’t it?

Oh wait, it wasn’t much of anything — except a slushy, salty mess.  My favorite boots — I have a great pair of Frye boots that I just adore — looked almost ruined. I cleaned the salt off as best I could, but couldn’t figure out why it kept coming back!   Don’t worry — we can help you remove salt from your shoes quickly and easily, and preserve them too.

Fashion Fix Friday Salt Stains

Fashion Fix Friday: Remove Salt Stains from Shoes with Fiebings

Salt Stain Remover

Fiebing’s Salt Stain remover is great to have on hand to remove tough salt stains. Just use a soft cloth & apply. You can wipe it off with water, or finish with some saddle soap to make sure you get all of the dirt off, too. This stuff is a lifesaver!

If you are in a pinch, you can also use a bit of white vinegar and water. You may need to apply multiple times, and be sure to wash off with saddle soap to prevent damage to your shoes.

Fashion Fix Friday: Prevent Salt Stains with Sno Seal

Snow Seal by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

What I should have done before I wore my beloved boots in the snow and slush was protect them with Sno Seal.  It’s a wax that puts a barrier between your expensive leather shoes and the snow, rain and salt. It’s a paste that you can work into your shoes or boots like a polish, but protects even better.

Fashion Fix Friday: Keep Your Boot’s Shape


Step into a big puddle and soak your boots through? Ugh.  The best way to combat this is to take them off, remove any insoles, and dump out any water that might still be in there.  Then, stuff it with newspaper — do not put it near a heat source!– and replace the newspaper as it absorbs water.  For long-term storage after your boots have dried out, use a Boot Tree. These keep your boots from falling over and losing their shape in the closet when you store them.  They’re adjustable to fit both wide and narrow boots!

We have lots of ways to keep your shoes and boots looking great — and free of salt stains. Stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply and we’ll set you up!