How to Buy an Iron

Do you own an iron?  You’d be surprised by how many people who don’t.  Irons can be confusing: go cheap? Bust out all the stops? What should you even look for in an iron?  Well, wonder no more: here is how to buy an iron from the ironing pros at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!

How to Buy and Iron By Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

How to Buy an Iron: Budget

There are irons available for all budgets. You can spend $10 or more than $200.  Unless you are ironing all the time — say, you’re in wardrobe or costuming, or are a stylist– you probably don’t need to spend $200. The $200 ones are often cordless and heat in an instant — and to be honest, your average user is OK with a cord and waiting a few minutes to heat.

How to Buy an Iron: Steam vs. Dry

Your most basic iron is simply a flat plate that is heated up. If you want steam, you’ll need to use a water bottle.  A steam iron has a receptacle for water so that you can add steam, which gets rid of wrinkles quickly. A good steam iron should have a function that allows you to either steam or dry.

How to Buy an Iron: Other Features

Here are a few things you’ll want to look for when you’re buying:

Multiple heat settings: At a minimum, these should be low, medium and high, but some irons allow you to fine-tune and customize even more.

Variable steam settings; Some fabrics need a lot of steam, others need none at all. Look for an iron that allows you to control how much steam it puts out.  Some include sprays as well, which allow you to really get at tough creases.

Automatic Shutoff: For those of us that are forgetful, this is a lifesaver– literally. You don’t want to either burn down your house or burn out your iron by leaving it on all day while you’re at work.

Nonstick soleplate: This is essential if you use a lot of starch, as it helps you get starch buildup off.  If you don’t use starch, you likely don’t need this, as a clean soleplate will glide just the same over fabrics.