Fashion Fix Friday: Patent Leather

I have a pair of great patent leather Prada high heels.  They’re gorgeous Saffiano leather, and they have a scuff.  What do I do?  Well, you can fix it– whether your shoes are Prada or from GoodwillI.  We’ll tell you how to fix scuffs and clean patent leather with a few items from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!

Woman wearing black leather pants and red high heel shoes in old town

Patent Leather: Fixing Scuffs

Fixing scuffs on patent leather is a little tougher than regular leather since you can’t simply buff it out with a little polish. That’s okay — we have some solutions for you. Some scuffs can be buffed out just with a soft cloth, like Jason MARKK Premium Microfiber Towels.  You can also use these towels with a bit of rubbing alcohol for tougher scuffs.

Jason-Markk Premium Microfiber Towel by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


Patent Leather: Cleaning

Cleaning patent leather is very important. You don’t want it to lose its shine!  For quick cleaning, you can use a soft cloth, but to get out tougher dirt, try Esquire Cleaner for Patent Leather can be used on all colors of patent leather.  You can use the same Jason Markk Premium Microfiber towel for this job, as well.

Esquire Cleaner for Patent Leather 4 oz. by Manhattan Warehouse Supply

How do you take care of your Patent Leather shoes?  Let us know, and grab your supplies at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply