Welcome to Philadelphia Comic Con 2015

It’s almost time for The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2015!  Do you need anything for your costume?  We have lots of things that can help complete your costume. Whether you need a wig stand to wash, dry and style your wig or a Tas Merah bag to store all of your makeup or anything in between, we’ve got it.  Here are a few things you might not know we carry that can be used for your Comic Con costume.

Welcome to Philadelphia Comic Con-2015 by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyPhiladelphia Comic Con 2015: Worbla

Worbla is amazing for creating costume pieces, whether it’s a chest plate, a mask, a helmet or any other part of your costume that needs stiffness.  It’s easily painted with gesso and any sort of acrylic paint you’d like!  We have a full guide on how to use Worbla right here and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have in store or on the phone!

Worbla by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyWorbla by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Philadelphia Comic Con 2015: Angelus Paint

We know that Comic Con costumes are all about details. That’s why we carry a full line of Angelus Leather Paint in any color you can think of, so your shoes are precisely the color you need. We carry Angelus Glitterlites  too– Elsa and Columbia and Tinkerbell all need sparkly shoes, right?  We’re happy to help you on any tips for application, too!

Angelus Leather Paint by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyAngelus Glitterlites Flexible Glitter Coat Leather Paint by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Philadelphia Comic Con 2015: Fosshape

Need to stiffen a garment?  Fosshape 300 and 600 is for you. This creates great shapes out of fabric, and unlike buckram (which needs a separate stiffener), Fosshape just needs a little steam to set it into its final form.  It replaces papier mache, buckram, and sculpted foam. It’s light, durable and frankly– a lot of fun to work with. Whether you’re making a headpiece for Maleficent, reinforcing your Jon Snow cape or whatever you can imagine, Fosshape is easy to use and very versatile. We have a few tips on how to use Fosshape here.

Fosshape by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyFosshape by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Philadelphia Comic Con 2014: Wonderflex

Wonderflex allows you to build gravity-defying sculptural elements for your costumes. It looks like hard plastic. When you warm it, it becomes pliable.  You can shape it over a mold or by hand, and once it cools, it becomes hard again. You can sculpt everything from masks to chest pieces to swords!  It comes in sheets: 43″ x 55″. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors and a source of heat: water bath, microwave or heat gun.  Learn more about Wonderflex here.

Wonderflex by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyWonderflex by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

We hope you have a great time at Philadephia Comic Con.  Need anything to make that costume perfect? Just ask us.