Profile: Sachajuan

At Manhattan Pro Beauty, we have a wide array of pro favorites for hair, makeup, and wigs.  Whether you’re doing natural hair, prosthetic makeup or lacefront wigs for your movie, TV show, theatrical production — or just at home– we have what you need! One of our favorite brands that we’ve recently started carrying is Sachajuan. It’s beautifully packaged, smells great — and works. Here’s a little more about the brand — come upstairs to Manhattan Pro Beauty and try some out today!

Profile: SachaJuan by MWS ProBeauty

Sachajuan: The Story

Sachajuan was born in Sweden, the brainchild of two hairstylists: Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. After careers in print, editorial work and celebrity styling, Mitic and Rosenlind opened their own salon in a former art gallery in the center of Stockholm, and in 2004, they introduced their Sachajuan line of hairstyling products to Sweden.  It was an instant hit, and now America has embraced Sachajuan products as well.

Sachajuan: The Philosophy

Sachajuan focuses on simplicity. Instead of a complicated line that is hard to understand, Sachajuan produces a minimum of products with maximum results. Their line doesn’t even go for fancy packaging — it’s reminiscent of old-fashioned brown glass medicine bottles.  The names are all very straightforward– need shampoo for dry hair? They have a Dry Hair Shampoo.  Is your hair normal? The shampoo is called “Normal”.  There’s no need for translation — it’s easy to choose what you need.

SachaJuan Dry Shampoo by MWS Pro Beauty      Sachajuan Normal Shampoo by MWS Pro Beauty

Sachajuan: The Products

Sachajuan is most famous for their Ocean Mist, which provides beautiful beach waves– we can’t keep this stuff on the shelf! It smells amazing and works very well.  Hair Paste adds texture to shorter hair, or pieciness to longer hair. We also love their Finish Creme, which smooths and conditions. Products are available in salon sizes, regular sizes and travel sizes so you can have your Sachajuan products wherever you are — in bulk or in airline-ready sizes!

Sachajaun Ocean Mist by MWS Pro Beautysachajuan-hair-pasteSachajuan Finish Cream by MWS Pro Beauty

Pop into Manhattan Pro Beauty to try out this great line and let us know what you think!