Keeping it Dry with Kleinert’s Dry Body

It’s okay to sweat.

Some people, however, sweat more than others — a lot more.  We’ve heard about actors who sweat through the usual items: regular deodorant and dress shields in particular.  It is a definite problem.  Depending on the costume — think valuable vintage, borrowed designer or even just a costume that is simply made of delicate fabric, hard-to-launder fabric– actors might not even get cast because of a reputation of being too sweaty.  What do you do?

Keeling It Dry With Kleinert's Dry Body

Sure, you can get Botox — but that’s expensive (and maybe a little scary?).  If you need to stay dry for something like a costume (this is not for everyday use!), try Kleinert’s Dry Body

Kleinert’s Dry Body: How It Works

Kleinert’s Dry Body comes in wipes, and is clinical strength.  One wipe, applied wherever you sweat– armpits, hands, feet– stops sweating for a week. It’s waterproof (even through showers!).  You’ll survive under hot lights, hot weather, or even just being a little hot under the collar.  It comes in convenient foil packets, so you can keep one in your bag, just in case you need it at a look-see or under the lights.

Keeping it Dry with Kleinert's Dry Body by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Have you ever had a need for Kleinert’s Dry Body? Let us know — and find dress shields and other products to keep the sweat at bay at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!