Fashion Fix: Repairing Snags in Knits

I hate it when I pull a cardigan out of my closet and there’s a pull in it!  Double that for my knit scarves (even the fine ones that are great this time of year). This question came up from a friend’s daughter who runs into this issue with her dance warm-up clothes and her own casual clothes, too.  Do you leave the snag? Do you toss it? Do you cut the string?  Don’t worry: we have the answers.

Fashion Fix: Repairing Snags in Knits by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Repairing Snags in Knits: Knit Picker

Keep a Knit Picker in your purse to fix snags on the run.  Use the tiny hook to catch the snag and push it to the other side of the fabric. This is great if you just see a pick or a pull, and it doesn’t affect the pattern of the fabric.  You can use it on socks, lace, or even small gauge commercial knits.

Dritz Knit Picker by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Check out this video from Sue Thompson to see how to use it:

Repairing Snags in Knits: Snag Nabit

The Snag Nab-It is the quickest, easiest way to fix a snag in your garment. All you do is find the snag, insert the Snag Nab-It needle, and pull it all the way through the garment.  It “nabs” the errant fiber and pulls it through so you can’t see it anymore. And it’ll stay, too.  This one is fast and easy and as long as you’re careful (don’t poke yourself!) you can do this on the go, while you’re wearing the garment.

Dritz Snag Nab-it by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Any other tips on how to fix snags? Let us know!  You can grab these two easy fixes at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.

If your problem is a hole in your knits rather than a snag you can also use a service such as AlterKnit do your repair.