Ellis Faas on May 2!

Ellis Faas is one of the top makeup artists in the world today. She has a makeup line, a new book, and she’ll be making an appearance at Manhattan Pro Beauty on May 2!  Come and meet her (and get a copy of her book) but before, why not find out a little bit about the woman behind the name?

Ellis Faas on MAy 2nd by MWS Pro Beauty

Ellis Faas: About

Ellis Faas was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she was always interested in fashion.  She started out as a professional photographer, and transformed herself with makeup as she practiced photography with herself as a model. Soon, she realized that makeup was her true calling and she abandoned photography.  She studied in Paris at Christian Chauveau’s Technical School of Artistic Make-up.  She went back to Amsterdam to work, then moved to London where her career took off.  She worked on music videos, special effects makeup and more before moving back to Amsterdam after the birth of her daughter.  In 1999, Mario Testino looked for a local Dutch makeup artist for a project, and Ellis Faas’ career really took off.  She’s now had her work featured in Vogue,  Harper’s Bazaar, W, and in countless fashion campaigns (notably Lagerfeld and Armani) as well as working with cosmetics lines like MAC.


Ellis Faas: Products

ELLIS FAAS Human Colours takes Faas’ background in photography and her talent and skill in makeup and uses them to create cosmetics for every woman. Her line is based on colors the human body creates, so everything is natural and flawless.  Faas’ line is known for its blood-red lipstick (a color any woman can wear, as our blood is all the same color), Skin Veil and Creamy Eyes (a favorite of Cate Blanchett).  These products (and more) can be found at Manhattan Pro Beauty.

Ellis Faas Ellis Creamy Lips by MWS Pro BeautyEllis Faas Skin Veil Bottle by MWS Pro BeautyEllis Faas Creamy Eyes by MWS Pro Beauty

Pick up Ellis Faas makeup at Manhattan Pro Beauty, and be sure to pre-order your copy of Ellis Faas’ book for autographing on May 2 from 5-8! If you’re not in the New York Area, we’ll still ship you an autographed book — just order by May 2.