Fashion Fix: Prom Problems

There are all sorts of special occasions going on in May and June — from graduation to sorority and fraternity formals to that favorite high school event, prom! You’ve spent money on a beautiful dress (or rented a tux), you’ve gotten your hair done, you have beautiful flowers — how do you maintain that look all night? We have a few items that will help you look great all night — and we promise, they fit into a small purse or tux pocket!

Fashion Fix: Prom Problems by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Fashion Fix: Safety Pins

Whether you are fixing a drooping boutonnière or pinning a fallen hem, safety pins are the most important thing for you to carry in your purse or pocket!  A few in a different sizes — some small and some larger — will take you through almost anything.  Has your necklace broken?  A safety pin will fix it.  Your rented tux’s hem fallen?  Pin it.  Spaghetti strap not cooperating? A safety pin will take care of the problem. Pick up a pack of Dritz Safety Pins in assorted sizes and you’ll be set.

Dritz Safety Pins  by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Fashion Fix: Topstick Fashion Tape

You don’t want to be a news item — you know, the girl who’s kicked out of prom because her dress isn’t “appropriate”.  Topstick Fashion Tape will fix all sorts of problems, from a delicate organza hem that won’t stay up to making sure that your bra doesn’t show (nor does anything else).  It’s even great to make sure your wrist corsage doesn’t slip around, or to keep a necklace in place!  Great stuff, and this small package is perfect for tucking in your purse.

Topstick Fashion-Fix Tape by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Fashion Fix: Bunheads Gel Spots

Whether it’s rented tux shoes or brand-new high heels, shoes at formals can hurt!  Keep a few Bunheads Gel Spots in your bag or pocket to make sure you can still walk at the end of the evening. They’ll cushion and protect any spots that rub — and don’t forget to wear shoes around the house first so you can figure out exactly where they rub!

Bunheads Gel Spots by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

For more prom and formal-ready tricks and tips, stop in to Manhattan Wardrobe Supply! We can help.