Game of Thrones: The Details

I am so behind on Game of Thrones.  I’m only on Season 2 (about midway through), so I haven’t seen the Red Wedding or Purple Wedding or know who half of everyone who dies is (they kill off a lot of people, right?).  That’s okay — I am still keeping an eye on all of the amazing costumes. I’m actually willing to endure a few spoilers for a peek at what Margaery or Daenerys is wearing.  These costumes are universally recognized as high quality — designer Michele Clapton has received four Emmy nominations for outstanding costume design, and two wins (one for Season 1 and one for Season 4).  Here are a few details about Game of Thrones costumes that you might be interested in knowing more about.

Game of Thrones: The Details by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Game of Thrones: Embroidery

The costumes on the show are incredibly detailed — down to the embroidery.  Michele Carragher, an embroiderer for the show (along with movies like the Elizabeth movies and others) has helped Daenerys transition visually from a pawn to be bought and sold by her brother to Khaleesi to Mother of Dragons.  As the seasons progress, the embroidery that evokes dragon scales gets more and more elaborate as Daenerys’ place as Mother of Dragons is cemented.

Game of Thrones by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Margaery’s Purple Wedding dress is another incredible piece of art.  Not only is it embroidered, it is covered in hand-rolled fabric roses cascading down the back of her dress, complete with tiny leather thorns.

Game of Thrones by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplt

Game of Thrones: Hair

Don’t forget the elaborate braids and curls of many of the actress’ hairstyles in Game of Thrones.  Margaery (Natalie Dormer)’s hair for The Purple Wedding took two hours to do every day — for a week — and was inspired by a waterfall.  There was a base cage structure with extra hair covering it, all on top of a wig. Whew. Kevin Alexander, the hairstylist for Game of Thrones, spends a lot of time on hair, as the actresses are almost all wigged, so they each get their hair braided, put under a bald cap, and then wigged for every production day. That is, except for Sansa (Sophie Turner), who simply has to dye her hair twice a month to follow her story line — no wigs for her.

Game of Thrones by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Even the men have elaborate hairstyles — the dearly departed Khal Drogo had a 3/4 wig woven into his hair that was 38″ long — since in the books, he could sit on his hair.  All of the Lannisters have some blonde — whether it’s Cersei, Jamie and Joffrey’s bright blonde or Tyrion’s highlights — hair color is a significant part of their story, as are the Stark’s reddish hues.

GAme of Thrones by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

While we can’t give you the embroidery or wig skills of the folks at Game of Thrones (and we can’t tell you who dies next…), if you want to try your hand at wig making, embroidery or anything else costume-related, you know that we have you covered at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.