Mad Men at the MOMI

I promise I will not spoil last night’s episode of Mad Men.

(But guys, wasn’t it great?)

Anyway, if you (like me) need to get a Mad Men fix now that Don Draper, Joan Holloway and Peggy Olson are no longer appearing on your TV screen weekly, there’s a way.

Mad Men at  the MOMI  by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies

The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens is currently featuring a Mad Men exhibit that covers the entire series.  Whether you’re in it for scenic design (they have Don Draper’s Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office, and Draper’s Ossining kitchen set), props (remember Sal’s Lucky Strike ad, or those iconic silver-rimmed rocks glasses), or even direction (there’s an extensive display of Matthew Weiner’s notes, on Mad Men stationery), there’s something in it for everyone.

The best part, though? A retrospective of the costumes.

Mad Men: Costumes

Mad Men at  the MOMI  by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies

Janie Bryant’s iconic costumes are on display here, as well.  There’s everything from an array of Roger’s suits, to many of Joan’s dresses (including the one covered in blood from the famous “lawnmower scene”), Peggy’s ripped blouse from the first season, Betty’s “fat dresses”, the “Zou Bisou Bisou” dress that Megan wore (and which scandalized Don), and so many others.  Not only are the costumes there, you can see the inspiration boards Bryant put together for each character, as well as many of the reference books used by Bryant and Weiner for the series.  Towards the end of the exhibit, you can really see how 10 years’ of the tumultuous 60s changed women’s clothing: side-by-side, they’ve displayed a secretary’s costume from the first season, and one from the last.  My, how times changed.

Mad Men at  the MOMI  by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies

There’s only one look for Don Draper — suit, hat, coat, briefcase– because Don’s look didn’t change drastically, and since he was actually Dick Whitman, according to Janie Bryant, even for the character, the “ad man” look was a costume. Brilliant.

Mad Men at  the MOMI  by Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies

Go see Mad Men at MOMI through June 14.