Profile: Outlander Costumes

Are you missing Outlander already? It just ended last Saturday, but I know I miss the images of the Scottish highlands that I got to see every week for a few weeks!  It’s been renewed for a second season, so we’ll get more of it — but what do we do in the meantime?

Profile: Outlander Costumes by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyLook up the costumes, of course. Costume designer Terry Dresbach, who specializes in 19th century costumes, is very faithful to traditional, 18th Century Scottish Highland clothing — with colors, fabrics, fastenings all holding up to what we know about the time period.  There is even a great segment in the midseason opener where Jamie, the lead character, shows how he puts on a kilt!  And it’s accurate– amazing.

Profile: Outlander Costumes by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyDresbach wanted Jamie to be as accurate as possible: “We wanted Jamie and our Highlanders to reflect the Scottish landscape and to appear as if they had grown up from the earth. Jamie in particular had to be truly as representative as possible of Scotland, and the Highland culture of the 18th century.”

Profile: Outlander Costumes by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyThe women’s costumes are just as impressive. Claire Beauchamp, who marries Jamie in episode 7, has a beautiful wedding gown. Says Dresbach: “Claire’s wedding dress is made of silvered jute linen, with very fine cartridge pleating. The stomacher and petticoat is a silk/linen weave, covered in 450 hand embroidered silver plate acorns and leaves, and one silver dog bone. Layered behind the petticoat and stomacher, is another layer of silk cover in hand slivered mica shards, to create an organic shimmer effect.”

Profile: Outlander Costumes by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyFrom military costumes to feathered dresses, the costumes are fantastic!  For more images, take a look at photos from the Outlander exhibit that was in Los Angeles at the end of May.  And, of course, if you need items to make your own Scottish costumes, come by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply — we’ll help you out!