Profile: Orange is the New Black Costumes

What did you do this weekend?  If you’re like us, you ordered takeout and skipped showering to get through the entire new season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.  Jenn Rogien, the costume designer for Orange Is The New Black and Girls, always has fantastic costume plots that reflect the varied backgrounds of the characters– both in and out of prison.  In fact, the entire design team — costumes, hair and makeup — were just honored with the Variety Ensemble award at the 2015 annual New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT) Designing Women Awards (read more about them here).

Profile: Orange is the New Black Costumes by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Orange Is the New Black: Prison Wear

Even though the prisoners and guards are in uniforms, Rogien and the rest of the team focus on making everyone distinctive. Whether it’s Red’s distinctive red hair, Alex’s cat eyeliner, or Pornstache’s… well, pornstache, each character is an individual. In a 2014 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rogien talks about how inmates can push boundaries even in uniform: “It comes down to very distilled, very subtle distinctions,” Rogien says. “Is this character a rule breaker? Not just that one big rule that landed them in prison, but are they just generally trying to push back against authority? If so, what are the small ways that we can reflect that in their uniform? ”

Profile: Orange is the New Black Costumes by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Orange Is the New Black: Flashbacks

Some of the most interesting costuming comes from flashbacks. We see everything from Piper in the late 90s to Crazy Eyes in the 80s to Red competing with other Russian wives in a tracksuit — all in flashbacks.  This season, we’re getting even more backstory — not to spoil anything for you — and the detail is fantastic. Rogien makes it a point to look at catalogues and not fashion magazines, since the socioeconomic class of most of the prisoners wouldn’t be upper class, but instead middle to lower class.  Think Sears and not Vogue.

Orange is the New Black by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

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