Just in: Transparent Worbla!

We are so excited to let you know that Transparent Worbla is now available at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply just in time for San Diego Comic Con!  Anything you need to be clear or frosted? We can help you make it happen. Here’s all you need to know!

San Diego Comic Con by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyWhat Is Transparent Worbla?

Transparent Worbla is a heatable, moldable substance that is perfect for making all sorts of 3-dimensional projects.  Whether you’re making a visor, eyewear, or putting scraps together for a frosted look, transparent Worbla will really add the finishing touches you need for your cosplay.  All you need to use it are scissors, heat, molds (or your body!) and a little time.  You can heat Worbla with a hair dryer, heat gun, steamer or iron.

Transparent Worbla by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Because Worbla is very pliable once heated it is a great product to create intricate curves and circles, and can’t be beat for molded items. You can paint the interior and it will retain its sheen, and if you mess up — just touch it up with clear nail polish!

None of the the thermoplastics are 100% faultless, but they all have their plus and minuses. We suggest you combine products such as Wonderflex and Worbla based on their attributes to achieve the perfect result for your project!

Transparent Worbla: Heating

Worbla’s TranspArt requires a higher activation temperature of 120° Celsius or 250° Fahrenheit compared to Worbla’s Finest Art (WFA)’s 90° Celsius. Please wear smooth work gloves when using transparent Worbla. It’s hotter than the boiling point of water and could cause some pretty bad burns if you’re not careful. Use a damp sponge for shaping, to avoid marks and prints, and a firm toothbrush to get small complex curves into shape.

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