Summer Vacation? Pack These 5 Items.

Are you headed on your summer vacation? There’s nothing worse than packing, but we have a few items that will make your summer vacation packing a little easier.  They provide organization and just make your trip a little more relaxing — you won’t have to worry about what you’ve packed!

Summer Vacation Pack These 5 Items by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

1. Ziploc Bags (Quart Size)

You need them for your liquids for TSA, but they’re good for so much more: snacks for the kids, packing jewelry (really), separating accessories, sorting makeup.  Grab some of the larger ones to store wet bathing suits or hold dirty laundry.

Ziploc Freezer Bag - 1Qt. / 40 count by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

2. Wine Away (Travel Size)

Even if you aren’t drinking wine (and it’s vacation! If that’s your thing, do it!), this spray is great for ink, blood and coffee.  It’s under 2 oz, so you can slip it in your carryon.  Never worry about stains again!

Wine Away - 2oz. Spray Bottle by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

3. Yazzi Organizer

Want to put together a makeup kit, a first aid kit, or organize your jewelry? This Yazzi Organizer is the way to go.  The petite size fits in almost any bag, and your favorite items — whether it’s lipsticks, Band Aids or earrings– can easily be seen in the see-through pockets.

Yazzi Organizer-PETITE-Black by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

4. Z-Palettes

The best way to organize your makeup? Pop your eyeshadows, blushes and powders out of the pan and make your own custom palettes with Z-Palettes.  No more broken and mangled eyeshadows in your makeup bag; this is great just to organize at home, too — and you only have one item to pack instead of multiple!

Z Palette Customizable Magnetic Make Up Palette by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

5. Essential Travel Sewing Case

Just add  a few buttons, and you have a complete kit for your travel sewing needs, including scissors, needles, seam ripper and tweezers.  Plus, it’s an adorable polka dot pattern.  It comes with thread as well, but you may want to add the Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit so you’re covered with several thread colors (plus, no squinting to thread the needle!).

Essential Travel Sewing Case by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
What are your top 5 items for your travel kit? Let us know, and explore Manhattan Wardrobe Supply for all sorts of organizational and travel-size items for your next trip!