Fashion Fix: How to Stay Cool in the Heat

Summertime, in much of the U.S., means temperatures in the 80s, 90s — or above– and a lot of sweating and uncomfortable moments.  We do have a few items that can help keep you cool, even on the hottest days!  These are great for hiking, outdoor sports, or just running around town on a 90+ degree day.

Fashion Fix How to Stay Cool in the Heat by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


How to Stay Cool in the Heat: Cool Soles

Dr. Rosenberg’s Cool Soles are great if you are one of those people who get sweaty feet.  You can freeze them (or, keep them handy in the winter to heat them up for toasty tootsies!) and slip them into shoes for instant cool. You can also use them cool to treat plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, muscle strains, and many other common foot issues.

Dr. Rosenberg's Cool Soles by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

How to Stay Cool in the Heat: Cool Off Towelette

Cool Off Towelettes are portable and convenient, and can instantly cool you off.  They are made with tea tree, witch hazel, menthol and aloe vera to cool and soothe you.  Even better? these towelettes hold a chill from anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes, which is accentuated with a fan or air conditioning.  Keep these with you on those hot summer days, in your bag or in your car.

Cool Off 6 x 6 Cooling Towelette-Citrus Ice Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

How to Stay Cool in the Heat: Grabber Magic Cooling Bandanna

Tie one of these around your neck, with the widest part in the back, to cool you!  The neck, if it’s cool, fools the rest of the body into thinking it’s cool, so putting a cooling bandanna there is a great way to feel better.  Just wet it with water, wave it in the air and the cooling process is activated.  It also comes in a larger, towel-like form if you need something larger.

Grabber Magic Cool Cooling Bandana by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply  Grabber Magic Cool High Performance Cooling Cloth-Asst. Colors by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stay cool this summer!  We have the supplies you need, including spray bottles as well as these products here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!