Introducing… Rit DyeMore for Synthetics!

Rit Dye is probably the first dye any of us used — I remember using Rit to do tie dye in middle school.  It’s easy, safe, can be found in lots of places (we bought ours at a drugstore!) and doesn’t need any complicated mixing or caustic chemicals. It’s so easy kids can– and do– dye with Rit.   What’s the negative? Rit only works on cotton and nylon.

Not anymore!

Introducing Rit Dye More for Synthetics by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Rit just recently introduced a dye that works with synthetics, and of course we are happy to carry it at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply! RIT DyeMore, available from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, dyes polyester, polyester blends, acetate and acrylic. You may know that regular Rit dyes nylon, Rit DyeMore dyes nylon to even richer shades.  No more muted colors!

Not only does Rit DyeMore dye fabric, it dyes plastics, buttons, beads, Legos, sports equpiment (golf balls, etc.)– nearly anything that isn’t too heat sensitive. Are you a maker creating things with 3d printers?  You can use DyeMore to dye all of your 3d printing creations, too.  Rit recommends the stovetop method as opposed to the washing machine method, as Rit DyeMore needs a higher temperature than the Rit dye you’re used to using. Need some instructions on how to dye with Rit DyeMore? Here they are.

Rit Dye More by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply carries DyeMore in 12 colors, and we’re happy to help you out with any of your dying needs! Just stop in and see us.  Need to dye silk, need different colors, or just want to talk dye? We can help you there, too, as we have a full range of all different kinds of fabric dyes and the expertise to help you use them.