Sneakercon 2015 is July 25!

Welcome to Sneaker Con 2015! We are so excited to see the creative sneaker designs and inspiration as sneaker enthusiasts converge on the Javits Center on Saturday.

Sneakercon 2015 is July 25 by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyEither before or after you walk (in your sneakers?) to Sneaker Con, don’t forget to stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, where we have all the tools you need to customize your sneakers any way you wish!

Sneaker Con 2015: Raleigh Restorations

Raleigh Restorations are brand new to Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. We carry three items: Ice Cream Oxidation Remover, which brightens up your yellowed rubber to white; Midsole Magic paint remover, which removes three pairs’ worth of paint from your midsoles with each bottle; and Scratch Resistent Sealer, which seals up all of your hard painting work!


Sneaker Con 2015: Angelus Sneaker Paint

We have a wide variety of Angelus leather paints for all of your creative needs. We have everything from the Collector Edition, to Neons to Glitterites — plus we have all the tools you need for application!
Angelus Collector Edition Sneaker Paints by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Sneaker Con 2015: Sem Adhesion Promoter

Painting your soles? You need some Sem Adhesion Promoter, which will keep your Angelus paint on your soles (and not rubbing or sliding off!). Apply the spray before you paint to make your shoes look amazing.
SEM Sand Free Adhesion Promoter

Sneaker Con 2015: Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit

Jason Markk’s Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit is what sneaker pros use to clean their sneakers. It includes a brush and Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner, which helps shine up your sneakers (gently!) in no time.
Jason Markk premium shoe cleaning kit

Sneaker Con 2015: The Original Decreaser

You don’t want creases in your sneakers, so check out The Original Decreaser, which keeps your shoes looking fresh. They slip in easily and take out any creases you may have put in your shoes by wearing them. Grab a couple of pairs for all of your favorite sneakers!
Gourmet Kicks Decreaser
We are looking forward to seeing our sneaker artists and inspirations next weekend! Stop into Manhattan Wardrobe Supply for all of your sneaker needs, either before or after the show.