Fashion Fix: Organize Your Closet!

I’ve been in my condo for nearly six years. It’s not a huge place, but it has one walk-in closet and two smaller closets, as well as a utility closet. When we bought the condo, each closet only had one shelf and one hanging bar  (and nothing in the utility closet!), and I lived that way until a friend took one look and said, “You so need to redo this.”

Fashion Fix Organize Your Closet by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Now, my large closet has lots of shelves and cubbies for shoes, the two smaller closets have lots of shelf space and multiple hanging rack, and my utility closet has tools, mops and brooms hanging off the door. I can find things! It’s revolutionary. If you want to organize your closet, don’t forget that you need more than just shelves and hanging rods — you need organizational tools! At Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, we have the items the pros use to make your closet the best organized one on your block.

Organize Your Closet: Hangers

Please throw out all of your wire drycleaner hangers and tubular hangers.  They’re mismatched, and they don’t help your closet.  Instead, go for matching hangers and buy enough so that when you buy new clothes, you can still have matching hangers.  I love these Velvet Slimline Hangers with a crossbar — they are good for nearly anything in your closet.  And don’t forget to turn your hangers backwards — whatever you don’t wear in three or six months you should re-evaluate (and maybe donate to your favorite charity).

Velvet Slimline Suit Hanger with Crossbar by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

For my coat closet, I went with wooden hangers.  They look elegant, support the weight of heavy winter coats, and will last for years.

Broad Shoulder Curved Wooden Coat Hanger by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Organize Your Closet: Accessories

You need to organize your accessories, too.  Richard’s Homewares has great scarf and tie hangers, and I retired some of my sweaters from the closet to under the bed with clear vinyl sweater bags.  I also love being able to take all of my favorite pieces of jewelry from my closet to my suitcase with the Household Essentials Hanging Jewelry Organizer.

Richard's Homewares Scarf Organizer by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplySweater Bags Clear Vinyl by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyHousehold Essentials Hanging Jewelry Organizer - 80 Pocket by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Organize Your Closet: Containers

I like to store off-season items in containers on the top shelves of my closet — still easily accessed, but not in the way. Iris makes great storage cases in all sorts of sizes, from comforters to jewelry.

Iris Clear Storage Box w/ Lid by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Organize Your Closet: Boots

The last challenge of my closet was what to do with my boots, which were previously stored flopped over in a corner. That’s not a great way to do it.  I picked up some boot trees and now my boots look sharp and at attention!  It was the last thing I needed to make my closet perfect.

Boot Trees - Economy by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

How do you organize your closet?  Let us know, and grab your closet organization accessories at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.