Ready for Swimsuit Season? These Tips Will Help!

It’s finally hot! Cool off at the pool in your cutest swimsuit with the help of Manhattan Wardrobe Supply . It’s time for us to dust off our malliots, find our bikini bottoms and go to the beach (or pool, or maybe just your back yard). It’s not as easy as it used to be:  you can’t always just throw your suit in your bag with your towel, sunglasses and sunscreen and go. You might need a little help to make everything look perfectly beach ready.  We have just the stuff to help!

Ready for Swimsuit Season These Tips Will Help by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Swimsuit Season: Buy Online

Swimwear shopping is the worst. The dressing rooms have terrible lighting, I always seem to do it right after a big meal (why?!). The mirrors add ten pounds at least! I now buy suits online instead.  You can try things on in the comfort of your own home.  Your lighting is ideal.  You can use all of the tools available — like the ones below– to make sure your suit looks amazing before you commit.  Many stores have return policies that include free return shipping!  Once you find that perfect suit, there are some ways to make it even better.  Some of our favorite spots for swimsuits?  Mod Cloth, J. Crew, Malia Mills and Land’s End.  One of these places has the suit for your body and your price range (and many are on sale!).

Swimsuit Season: Cover Up with Bring It Up Nipple Covers

These are great under string bikini tops or any unlined suits. They keep anything from “showing” when the breeze blows or after you take a dip in a cool pool, as well as helping to “lift” to add a little more support to the bikini top.  You can use them under any suit, but they are particularly good for minimally lined and minimally supported swimwear.  Bonus: they’re reusable!  These are also great if you’re going braless under a sundress or tube top.

Bring It Up Breast Shapers Reusable Nipple Cover-Clear with Nude center by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Swimsuit Season: Add Some Shape with Braza Swim Shapers

Sometimes, the “girls” just look a little… lifeless.  Lift them up and create cleavage, shape and lift with Braza Swim Shapers.  These are great primarily because they’re waterproof — just slip them into your swimwear top (these work particularly well in suits with underwire or with a shelf bra) and you’ll look a lot perkier and be more confident.  They come in triangle (for your string bikini tops), round and full (for more full-coverage swimwear) and in cup sizes from A-D.

 Braza Swim Shapers by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Swimsuit Season: Keep Your Suit in Shape with Activewear Mate

You need to wash your swimwear every time you wear it — yes, even if you’re on vacation. Spandex can be damaged by chlorine, salt, sweat, sunscreen and sand and bacteria can grow, causing unwanted smells and even infections (eek!). We like Activewear Mate, which will clean, strengthen and soften your swimwear (or gym clothes!) in just three minutes, with no rinsing. Plus, your suit won’t smell like the pool — it will smell like citrus!

 Activewear Mate by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Swimsuit Season: Keep Smooth with Braza Camel-Not

How many celebrities have been caught with the dreaded camel toe? Don’t show too much.  Braza Camel-Not is an insert that sticks to your swimwear with double-sided tape, ensuring that your anatomy stays where it ought to whether you’re swimming, lying by the pool, or walking around a resort. There are three in a pack, and they are hand washable and reusable (just pack some extra double-sided tape in your bag).

 Braza Camel Not by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Swimsuit Season: Hang Your Suits on Notched Chrome Hangers

Do you want to keep your swimsuit’s shape without having to lug out a drying rack?  Try Chrome Notched Hangers.  You can hang your swimwear tops, no matter how thin the strap, without them falling down, and the chrome is rust-resistant, so it won’t damage your suit.  These are great for storing your suit too– this keeps the suit from getting lost in your lingerie drawer.

Chrome Notched Lingerie Hanger by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Are you beach ready?  Stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply for not only swimsuit supplies, but bug spray and waterproof cosmetics! You’ll look like a star (because you are one already!).