Fashion Fix: 5 Back to School Secrets

It’s time for back to school — doesn’t it get earlier and earlier each year?  At Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, we have a lot of items you’ll need for back to school — all in one place!  Here are 5 of our favorites.

5 Back to School Secrets From Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Back to School: Sharpies

These are great for so many things: writing names in gym clothes, marking names on notebooks, all sorts of things. Keep these handy all year long — you never know when you might need them!Back to School Sharpie Industrial Fine - Black (box of 12) by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Back to School: Zuca Clear Utility Pouches

Storing school supplies and art supplies can be a challenge — plastic bins are heavy, and many pencil cases aren’t see-through (and if they are, they are flimsy and won’t last the year). Try Zuca Clear Utility Pouches. They will hold pencils, pens, crayons, or any school supply. They’re durable, and you can see what’s in them.  They also stack really easily!

Back to School Zuca Clear Utility Pouches by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Back to School: Green Mesh Hanging Locker Bag

Keep what a kid needs in his or her locker handy and off the floor with the Green Mesh Hanging Locker Bag.  There are always extra hooks in lockers, and this holds whatever your kid needs right at eye level.  They are great to hold gym clothes (particularly because they are ventilated) and your student can even hang their coat over it like a hanger. Pretty handy! You can choose one with a bar or no bar, depending on the size of the locker.

Back to school Premium Green Mesh Hanging Locker Bag With Bar by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Back to School: Roughneck Heavyweight Laundry Bag

Sending a kid off to college? You know they’ll come home with laundry.  Use those Sharpies to mark their name on this laundry bag. It can hold a ton of clothing, folds easily for storage, and can withstand being dragged down dorm steps (or down your basement steps).  You can buy it in a bunch of different colors — so pick your school’s colors!

Back to School Roughneck Heavyweight Nylon Laundry Bag (30"x45") by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Back to School: Compartment Boxes

Whether you’re using them for storing craft supplies, or keeping jewelry separate for the big dorm move, these compartment boxes are invaluable.  We sell them in a variety of sizes and compositions so you can pick which ones fit your needs best.

Back to School Flambeau Tuff Tainer 7 Compartment Box w/ Movable Dividers and Detachable Lid by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Back to School: Malia Designs Recycled Rice Bags

Whether you’re using these to tote groceries or supplies or even just extra laundry, these Malia Designs Recycled Rice Bags are great (and adorable).  Why advertise for a grocery store when you can use something more distinctive? These are recycled, hold up to wear and tear, and look great.  Buy a few (and keep a few for yourself, too).

Back to School Malia Design Recycled Bags by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

What are you doing for back to school? Let us know how we can help, and pop into Manhattan Wardrobe Supply for more back to school ideas!