Update Your Look with Simply Spray

Have you ever wanted to add a pop of color to furniture, a bag, or a t-shirt, but didn’t want to go through a dying process?  Simply Spray, carried by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, can be the answer!

Simply Spray by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

What Is Simply Spray?

Simply Spray is a spray-on fabric paint that’s safe for kids, indoor use, and for most fabrics.  It stays soft to the touch, dries quickly, is permanent and safe to wash (after 72 hours) and comes in a variety of colors: from Hunter Green to Lavender.  Each 2.5 oz spray bottle is great for several projects, up to 30 square feet of fabric.  That’s a lot of t-shirts!

How do I use Simply Spray?

It works best on cotton fabric, so be sure your cotton is clean and dry before you spray. Spray in quick, thin layers so as not to soak the fabric (and it’s good to put some cardboard or other material in between just in case of soak-through).  Allow it to dry for 72 hours.  Unsure if your garment is appropriate for Simply Spray?  Spray a little water onto the fabric.  Does it bead?  Try another product. Does the water absorb? That’s the perfect fabric for you to use.

If you want more of a tie-dyed effect, you can try Simply Spray on silk or polyester. It’s a fun effect, but if you want crisper lines, try a different product.

What Effects can Simply Spray make?

Simply Spray is great for tie-die, stencils, and even refinishing cotton upholstery (such as chair covers).  You’re limited only by your imagination!

We carry Simply Spray and a variety of other fabric paints and dyes.  Just stop by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply and we can help you with your creations!